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August 28, 2011
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You growled in frustration. You couldn't find a machine shop anywhere. Your car was still making that strange clanking noise when you accelerated too. You sighed and started to make your way home. You were going to have to look tomorrow. You pulled into your driveway and you got out. You slammed your door and got your backpack out of the back seat. You were living with your twin brother, his friend, and your friend and you were all going to the same university nearby.

"Maybe Scott will know where I can find a mechanic." you said sarcastically. Scott was actually hopeless.

You walked in and kicked off your tennis shoes. "Verdammt! I hate this part!" a gruff voice exclaimed.

Your breath hitched. The accent was German. You looked into the living room and your jaw dropped. It was a mess. An empty carton of beer was sitting next to the coffee table and cans were everywhere. A bowl of cheese puffs sat on the table and the bag was sitting on the floor. Other bags of snack food lay around. You looked at your brother, Scott, and your other roommate, Peter. A third man was sitting next to Scott.

His hair was a weird shade of silver. His eyes were red. You guessed that they were contacts. They were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops.


All of the men jumped and looked at you. Scott paused the game. "Hey ______ how was class?" Scott asked, downing the last of his beer.

"Class was fine, but my car has started to make weird noises." you said with a frown.

"Gil can fix it, cant ya Gil?" Peter said.

You rolled your eyes. Says the engineering student, you thought. The man, you assumed was Gil, laughed.

"I'm the most awesome mechanic in the world! Let the awesome me handle this guys!" he said.

Peter and Scott started laughing. Gil laughed himself and stood up. "Show me the car!" he said. You gulped. He was tall, and you could tell that he was strong. His shirt didn't hide it that well.

You led him outside, after putting your shoes back on, and you got in the car. "When does it make noise Fraulein?" he asked.

Shivers went up and down your back, you loved German accents.

"When I accelerate." you replied.

He nodded and moved over to the passenger side. "Let's go around the block."

You nodded and started the car after he got in. You backed out of your driveway and you started going down the block. Clang! Clunk! Click-clack-click! Clang! You flinched at each noise. Gil frowned at the car. He motioned for you to turn back around. You circled around the block and you parked back in your driveway.

You both got out. "So, do you know what's wrong?" you asked tentatively.

You didn't like the look on his face. You NEEDED this car. It was your only way to get to class. Gil lifted the hood and he looked inside. You studied him. Strange, he helped Scott and Pete drink a 24 pack of beer and he isn't tipsy, you thought. He fiddled with something and then he looked at you.

"What's your name again? Scott has told me but I forgot. Bitte." he said.

You gulped and said, "_____. And who are you? Scott never told me that he had a German friend."

He laughed. "I am the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt. Scott and I met at class a year ago. I'm a foreign exchange student. I work at a shop all the time so I never get to hang out." he explained. You nodded and watched as he fiddled with a few more things in the car's engine.

"I need to dig in deeper." he said.

He walked over to your garage where Scott and Pete kept their tools. He grabbed a tool box and he walked back over. He looked down at his shirt.

"I hope you're not shy." he said.

"Why are you—what are you doing?!" you exclaimed. He held his shirt in one hand and he smirked at you.

He tossed it to the side. "I'm not ruining one of my non-shop shirts." he laughed.

You felt your face heat up. He was hot! You tried to not study his abs as he leaned over your car. A necklace in the shape of an iron cross hung from his neck. He grabbed a wrench and he got to work.

"Do you need any help?" you asked, feeling bad. You hated standing to the side.

"Nein. Just sit and watch this awesomeness." he said with a smirk.

He looked in your direction and grinned. You grinned back and went back inside. You grabbed your backpack and you walked back out. You sat down on the warm concrete and you pulled out your math textbook. You could at least get something done.

"So what are you studying Fraulein?" he asked as he worked.

You looked up from the problem you were on and you replied, "Buisness. Scott and I are planning on opening our own Auto Parts store one day."

You smiled. You were going to control the financial and business part and Scott would be in charge of everything else.

Gilbert chuckled. "He told me about that." He looked at you. "So you're good with numbers?"

"Yeah, I like math." you replied.

You watched him work for a second. He walked into the garage and came back out with a car part. You looked at his eyes.

"Do you wear contacts?" you asked. You were wondering ever since you saw him. He looked at you and chuckled. Shivers went up and down your spine.

"Nein, natural color." he said.

"Wow, I really like the color." you said. His eyes widened in surprise.

You cleared your throat and got back to work. Calculus wasn't the easiest to do and you needed to focus. You guessed it was about 30 minutes later before you looked up at him again. You felt your face and ears turn pink. You could see the sweat gleaming on his chest as he worked. His bangs stuck to his forehead. He nodded and shut the hood. "Start it up." he ordered. He stood to the side. You got in and stuck your key in the ignition.

You turned the ignition on. Your car hummed to life. "Step on the gas!" you heard Gilbert order.

You held your breath and you stepped on the gas. No noises, just the familiar hum of your engine. You smiled and turned the car off. You got out, beaming. "Thank you Gilbert!" Before you knew what you were doing, you hugged him.

You quickly pulled away. "Sorry." you said.

He smirked. Your heart started to pound. "You know," he said, leaning against the car, "the awesome me is going to need compensation for this. I'm not doing this for charity."

You wanted to smack your forehead. Duh! Of course he wouldn't do this for free. You opened your mouth to answer but he cut you off.

"How 'bout a date Friday?" he asked. You looked at him in surprise. A hot German is asking me out on a date, you said in your mind. You grinned.

"Deal. "
:iconvampsandghosts: requested a PrussiaxReader oneshot.

Mechanic!Prussia :iconirapeitplz:
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