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Hello! I'm Frankie. But, you can call me Silverwing or Frankie; either way is okay.

I am a college athlete that's living the dream. I am currently a Pre-Nursing major and an Art History minor. When I'm not crying over classes, I write and draw.

I hope you enjoy my art and writings and have a good experience visiting my gallery.

Current Residence: A house
Favourite genre of music: again, too many to choose from
Favourite style of art: Cartoon/Manga, Anime, Impressionism
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: Have Faith

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and here is a link to my tumblr where I post my art lovlies!
I just saw that I haven't updated this thing in almost 8 months.

Bad Frankie!

So, long story short, this year has been busy, stressful, emotionally trying, and amazing all at the same time and I guess updating this thing was the last thing on my mind.

I've gotten a new job, got my second niece, became a part time babysitter, and new games have come my way in the last 8 months and it's been hectic.

Anyway, you all don't want to hear about that. I changed my tumblr blog name! It's not I also created an ask blog for the Tomahawks and Briefcases characters! You can find it here

Well, Silverwing out!
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Connor’s life was in shambles.

He had finally decided when and how to tell Ellie the forbidden phrase, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous as hell. All he wanted to do was crawl under a rock every time his dad smirked at him whenever Ellie was around…like now.

Connor was sitting in the backseat with his girlfriend and he glared at the rearview mirror every time he saw his dad peek back at them.

The week of the fateful trip to the Kenway’s summer cabin finally came and while Connor was happy to be able to spend the time with his grandparents and Ellie, he was nervous about the whole forbidden phrase thing.

Should he slowly work up to it? Or should he just say it?

He had a long winded speech he probably was never going to say in his head.

Then he remembered, if his dad could do it on the fly and get away with it, so could he.

God, he was doomed.

The long, winding gravel road they were on finally started to straighten out and Connor could hear Ellie’s small intake of air at the sight in front of them.

The cabin was huge, if it could be called a cabin at all.

The two stories of the cabin seemed like it fit perfectly among the forest surrounding it. It was perched on the top of a hill and the hill made a gentle slope down into the lake.

Smaller trees scattered throughout the yard and Connor was thrilled to see a rope swing hanging on a tree near the lake.

It was almost like the pond at his home.

Haytham parked in front of the cabin and Connor quickly hopped out so he could grab Ellie’s bag. In the few other times he actually mustered up the courage to ask his dad for advice on the forbidden phrase thing, Haytham had suggested just doing small things like this for Ellie.

He said that girls noticed those things for some reason.

Ellie arched a brow at him as she got out. “I could have got that,” she laughed.

Connor stared down at the large duffel bag and shrugged. “I—“

He was interrupted when Ellie pecked him on the cheek. She gave him a bright grin as she rubbed his arm. “Thanks.” She turned and grabbed her other little bag out of the back seat and Connor couldn’t stop the dopey grin forming on his face.

A snicker caused him to look at his dad and he rolled his eyes.

Haytham looked like he was trying to hold in his laughter and was doing it unsuccessfully as he covered the laugh with a cough.

Connor knew that this was going to be one interesting week.

Ellie knew that this was going to be a good week the moment the car stopped in the cabin’s driveway.

Edward, Tessa, and Jenny were already there and Jenny had led Ellie to a room toward the end of the hallway upstairs. “You can stay in here,” the older woman said, opening the door.

Ellie stepped in and she loved how cozy the room looked. A quilt that looked handmade was lying on the bed and the furniture even had a rustic look. She turned and grinned at Jenny. “Thank you.”

“Just as a warning,” Jenny began, closing the door behind her. She crossed her arms with a small smirk. “Tessa is going to be on you and Connor’s back the whole time you’re here. She was worried about you guys sneaking into each other’s rooms to shag so…”

The temperature in the room seemed to rise about 10 degrees and Ellie had never felt more mortified. “Oh…um…thanks for the warning?”

Holy crap! Sure, she and Connor were taking steps in that direction but Ellie had no intention of doing anything like that while they were here. Ellie and Connor had agreed that it would be disrespectful to the Kenways if they did.

Jenny let out a small laugh. “And I thought Connor was the jumpy one.” And with that, she walked out the door.

Connor happened to be right outside when she did and Ellie could see Jenny smirk at him. Connor gave Ellie a bewildered look as he stepped inside with her duffel bag. “What was that about?” he asked, setting it on the floor.

Ellie sat on the bed with a huge sigh. “Oh, nothing. She just told me that your grandma is going to make sure we don’t sneak into each other’s rooms or anything the whole time we’re here.”

Steam was literally coming out of Connor’s ears as he cleared his throat and looked away. “Great, cause we do that stuff all the time,” he grumbled. Ellie could see the glint of humor in his eyes, despite his embarrassment.

Ellie giggled and stood up, making her way toward him. She wrapped her arms around him with a big grin. “She’s just looking out for us. It’s not like we were—you know—going to do anything while we were here.”

Connor sighed and rubbed her back. “Yeah…want to go down to the lake for a bit?”

Ellie knew he was just trying to change the topic, and she decided to go along with it. “Sure, are we just going to walk or are we swimming?”

“Either one is fine with me.”

Picking up her tennis shoes, Ellie said, “Let’s walk.”

Haytham didn’t know whether to feel sorry for his son or not. The last three days were surprisingly relaxing, despite the fact that he was around the people that usually made his blood pressure rise.

Call it fatherly instincts or whatever the hell it was, but Haytham knew that Connor was planning. He also knew what he was going through. Ziio was the only woman he ever said those words to and he remembered how nervous and jumpy he felt at the time.

Which brought him back to his dilemma. Should he help his son out or just let it happen? He rocked back further in the rocking chair on the porch of the cabin as he watched the teenagers swim in the lake.

He was suddenly reminded of the summer he brought Ziio up here when Connor picked up Ellie and threw her into the water, laughing.

Haytham remembered doing that to Ziio. It seemed like centuries since it happened and it caused his heart to ache a little. He took a swig of his scotch, letting out a long sigh.

“Jesus, if you stare at your drink any harder it’ll catch on fire.”

Haytham looked to see his father walking out of the cabin. Edward slowly made his way over and plopped down in the other rocking chair with a heavy sigh. “What’s on your mind, son?”

Haytham shrugged, gently swirling his glass. “Remembering the past.”

Edward hummed in understanding.

The two men sat in a comfortable silence for many moments, just watching the lake. Ellie had just sprinted out of the water and was now running away from Connor, who was right on her heels. Both of the teenagers were laughing and looked like they were having the time of their lives.

“They remind me of you and Megan, you know,” Edward suddenly chuckled.

Haytham barked out a laugh. He kept forgetting that his parents remembered Ziio by her American name. “You can’t be serious.”

“I am! He’s awkward and overthinks everything like you do and she’s just like Megan, admit it.”

Haytham spluttered, but then realized that his father was partially right. Connor was just like him when it came to women. Sure, Haytham could act like a charming bastard when he wanted to, but Ziio had a gift of seeing past that act, which caused him to act like a nervous idiot instead. Connor, on the other hand, did not have the charming mask in the first place and was just hopeless.

The second statement his father made, however, did not click for Haytham.

“How is she like Ziio? Entertain me,” he asked sardonically, taking a sip from his scotch.

A loud laugh bellowed from Edward’s lips as he took a swig of his own drink. “Oh please, you don’t see it?”

Haytham arched a brow with a frown.

“You’re bloody serious? You can’t see it? Jaysus,” Edward laughed. He turned toward Haytham and set his drink on the railing. “She just has the same attitude Megan did. They’re similar spirits.”

Haytham still couldn’t see how his and Ziio’s relationship was like his son’s in anyway, but he could see what his father was talking about when it came to Ellie and Ziio being alike.

He knew that if Ziio was alive, she would have loved Ellie to death.

“So, have you caught them shag—“

“Don’t even!”

Trust his father to ruin a moment.

The week was almost over and Connor still didn’t say the forbidden phrase.

He desperately wanted to, but every time he was alone with Ellie, the words died in his throat. Would she think he was saying it too soon? What if she didn’t say it back? What if he was just overthinking the whole darn situation?

The couple was sitting on the end of the dock, letting their feet dip into the water. The moon was full and shining brightly on the surface of the lake and the sounds of the forest around them reminded Connor of the reservation. It was a truly peaceful moment and nothing could ruin it.

Ellie’s fingers slowly found his and Connor looked away from the beautiful sight around him to the beautiful sight beside him.

Ellie was looking up at the moon with a content smile on her face. She had claimed that she looked horrible that morning, since she didn’t put on make-up and had her hair in a messy bun. Connor couldn’t imagine why she said that, he thought she looked beautiful no matter what.

He remembered when his mom said that the truly beautiful people were the ones that were beautiful inside. She was never more right. Ellie was a beautiful person inside and out and Connor found himself wondering why he was scared to tell this wonderful girl beside him how he really felt about her. Ellie was there for him through so much even before they started their relationship and she had been a solid rock for him when his life seemed like a chaotic storm.

He honestly didn’t know how the last year and a half would have been like if she didn’t hop over his fence that fateful summer day.  With these thoughts in mind, he suddenly wasn’t afraid.


Her green eyes met his brown ones and she grinned up at him. “Hm?”

“I—“ he paused and cleared his throat before starting again, “I love you.”

Ellie’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open slightly as she stared up at him. Right as Connor was starting to panic; a wide smile replaced the shocked expression and she said, “I love you too.”

Connor didn’t hesitate to pull her close and press a soft kiss to her mouth.

It turned out that his dad was right. Moments like this just happened on their own.

Connor wasn’t going to tell him that though.

Ellie couldn’t shake the euphoric feeling away even after she returned to Saratoga. Her big bear of a boyfriend finally told her he loved her. She desperately wanted to tell anyone who would listen, but she also wanted to keep it just to herself.

The whole moment in general was perfect and Ellie was on cloud nine. Nothing could ruin her mood now. Not even the little snot that was pretending he was drowning at the moment.

Ellie’s job as a lifeguard was infuriating sometimes, but she liked it overall. It was kids like the one in front of her that made it frustrating. The boy looked like he was about 10 years old and he was fake drowning right in front of her.

Her whistle’s shrill pitch cut through the air when she finally had it. “You can get out of the pool or stop doing that,” Ellie ordered, arching a brow at the kid.

He rolled his eyes and swam toward the other end of the pool.

“Wow Miss Lifeguard, you’re mean!” a fake nasally voice said.

Ellie glanced down to see Desmond smirking up at her. Connor and Claudia were rolling their eyes behind him.

“Don’t try me,” she laughed, scanning the water of the pool again. It was slightly cloudy today, so she didn’t need her sunglasses for once. Not to mention the weather caused less people to come by the pool so she didn’t have much to worry about.

Apparently, days like this were the days her friends and Connor decided to visit. “Make sure I don’t drown okay?!” Desmond laughed, tossing his wallet to Connor, who was now sporting a deadpan expression.

Ellie waved off Desmond’s comment and started watching the pool again. Due to the fact that this pool was at a clubhouse, it wasn’t that big. It only had two diving boards. One was about five feet tall while the other was shorter. The other lifeguard was manning the shallow end of the pool while Ellie took care of the deep end and the diving boards.

Desmond was already leaping off the shorter diving board, whooping as he splashed into the water.

“We’ll be over in the corner. We’ll try not to bother you,” Claudia stated, shaking her head at Desmond.

Ellie nodded and kept watching the water. She didn’t mind not being able to hang out with them right now. The plan was for them to go to a movie tonight anyway.

The 10 year old from before was back in the deep end and he was making his way toward the ladder. He got out and started to speed walk toward the diving boards. He slipped a little climbing up the little ladder on the taller one, causing Ellie to tense up a little.

He paused on the edge of the diving board, looking out into the water. Desmond, meanwhile was hanging out near the bobbing rope separating the deep end from the shallow end.

“Connor! Do a flip or something dude!”

Ellie looked at the corner Claudia and Connor camped out in just in time to see Connor pulling his t-shirt over his head.

Okay, now Ellie was disappointed about not being able to hang out with them.

The muscles in Connor’s torso and arms flexed as he tossed his shirt aside. Ellie had to literally force herself to look at the little boy jumping off of the diving board. Ever since she and Connor had stepped up the ante in the physical part of their relationship, she found herself staring and thinking about him in that light more often than she ever did. Not that she had a problem with it.

The kid awkwardly flopped in and quickly resurfaced and dog paddled over to the ladder. Meanwhile, Connor had stepped up on the taller diving board. Him being the athlete he was, he was easily able to do a flip off the diving board. Ellie watched and waited for him to resurface before looking toward the 10 year old again.

The kid was staring at Connor with wide eyes and Ellie thought it was cute. Both Connor and Desmond pulled themselves out of the pool and made their way toward the diving boards again. Ellie noticed that the boy was watching her friends closely before he finally pulled himself out of the pool and made his way toward them.

Ellie quirked a brow in curiosity as the boy walked over to her boyfriend and tapped him on the arm. Connor made the kid look like a munchkin and it made Ellie grin.

“Can you teach me how to do stuff like that off there?” he asked, pointing toward the board.

Connor glanced at Ellie questioningly and Ellie gave him a shrug. They were the only ones swimming right now, so she didn’t mind.

“Okay, so you want to jump as high and as far out as you can before actually doing the flip, you don’t want to hit your head on the diving board,” Connor began to explain. Ellie immediately knew that he had taught someone how to do this before. She could just imagine him with one of the kids from the reservation and teaching them the same thing.

The image in front of her and the one she conjured up in her imagination caused her heart to swell and she couldn’t stop the goofy grin from coming to her face even if she tried.

She was so going to tease him about it later.

Connor was beyond relieved when he and Ellie were finally alone that night. He enjoyed hanging out with Desmond and Claudia, but he just wanted to spend time with his girlfriend now.

They had decided to park out near the lake and they sat on the hood of his car, watching the moon rise in the sky.

“So, about the boy at the pool, he wasn’t the first one you taught to flip, is he?”

Connor grinned, glancing over at her. “No, he wasn’t.”

“I’m going to guess Andrew,” Ellie giggled, pulling her knees up to her chest.

Connor couldn’t hold back a laugh. “How’d you know?”

Ellie snickered and gently prodded him with her finger. “I just do.”

Connor shook his head in amusement and put his hand on the hood behind her, leaning back on it. She scooted closer so she was leaning into his side and he heard her sigh happily. He honestly loved it when she did this. It was nice to have someone this close to him.

He remembered the first time he parked in this spot with her and his whole body started to tingle at the thought. Connor had been wondering how to repay her for the intimate moment they shared. She made him feel so good at the time and he wanted to make her feel that way too.

The problem was that he had no idea how to do that.

Both Josh and Desmond had dared him to watch porn during high school at some point, so he knew what things he could do, but he knew that wasn’t an accurate depiction of what he wanted with Ellie.

It made him feel infinitely better that Ellie was just as inexperienced as him, though. Why don’t you just ask her what she wants you idiot? You know she would tell you.

Deciding to get the awkwardness and embarrassment out of the way, Connor cleared his throat and glanced down at her. “Uh, Ellie?”


“Remember the night of your graduation?”

Ellie looked up at him mischievously. “Yes. Why?”

Connor rolled his eyes at her coy expression. Then the embarrassment attacked. He cleared his throat and looked away. “I-I want to do something like that for you, but I don’t know what…” he trailed off, hoping she got the hint.

A gentle hand on his cheek turned him toward her again and Ellie was looking up at him with a warm, loving expression. “Connor, it wasn’t a favor you need to repay. I wanted to do it. I only want you to do stuff when you’re comfortable.”

Connor sighed and gently took the hand on his cheek in his own and rubbed his thumb on her palm. “It’s not that I’m uncomfortable. I just…want to make you feel good too,” he mumbled, staring down at their intertwined fingers in embarrassment.

Crap, one would think he would be able to be more open about this now.

Ellie leaned forward so he was forced to look at her again and their gazes met. “Connor, I have some idea of what you can do…you really don’t know?”

Connor furrowed his brow slightly. Great, now she thought he knew nothing about sex and stuff. “I know about stuff, I just don’t know what you would like.”

Ellie gave him a curious look, but Connor could see the teasing gleam in her eyes. “How do you know about stuff?”

Connor arched a brow at her. “Seriously? I should be asking you that,” he laughed. How did she know how to make him feel less embarrassed without even trying?

Ellie pinched his arm with a chuckle. “Touché, considering that we both lack experience.” She paused and tugged on his braid. “I was serious though.”

“I’ll only answer if you answer.”

“I read some romance books before. They were—uh—graphic,” Ellie explained sheepishly, looking out toward the lake.

Connor thought the light blush on her cheeks was cute.

“Josh dared me to watch a porn video in high school, and Desmond did the same while we were roommates,” Connor admitted. Jeez, his answer felt much more…dirty, compared to hers.

Ellie’s brows shot to her hairline before she cleared her throat and set her hand on his leg. “What were you thinking then?” she quietly asked, biting her lip.

Connor cleared his throat and leaned forward, telling her what he was thinking in her ear.

Connor had never seen her face turn into the shade of red it was now. She looked up at him with hooded eyes. “Backseat. Now,” she said quietly, hopping off the hood and making her way toward the back.

Connor’s heart thudded in his chest as his eyes followed her. It started to race when he thought about what was about to happen.

Here goes nothing….

Ellie almost didn’t know what to think, but the bubbly feeling in her abdomen was controlling her every action now.

Connor had followed her into the back and they were now lying down in the back seat with her on top of him. Their kisses had never been more hungry or sloppy, but Ellie didn’t care. They all had a sweetness about them that only Connor seemed to have the ability to give.

Eventually, Connor gently pushed her back and turned them so she was below him as his lips latched on to her neck. Ellie bit her lip to keep the sounds that wanted to escape in. She couldn’t believe that this was happening. She never wanted to ask Connor to do something like this and she was willing to wait. He always seemed so nervous when they were intimate.

Then again, he seemed a little offended when she had questioned whether he knew about how to make a girl feel good or not. Maybe she shouldn’t doubt him from now on.

He rested a hand on the seat next to her head as he pushed himself up slightly, looking down at her. Ellie’s breath hitched in her throat and her heart thundered even more at the look in his eyes. I’ve unleashed a monster, she thought with excitement.

His dark eyes seemed to devour her, and she could see the caring look behind the hunger. It made the bubbly feeling in her abdomen grow into a deep ache.

Ellie couldn’t believe that she made him react like this.

His free hand slowly traveled down her side toward her hip and Ellie couldn’t help but arch into his touch. His fingers gently traced the waistband of her shorts and Ellie had to hold back a whimper. He was going so slow!

Right as Connor’s fingers reached the button of her shorts, a bright light shining through the back window caused them both to stiffen. Connor looked out the window and his eyes widened. “Shit,” he hissed, slowly sitting up.

“Is it the police?” Ellie hissed in fear, slowly sitting up. Well, they technically couldn’t get in trouble, but they would still be in an awkward situation if it was.

“No, it’s an old couple,” he sighed, wiping a hand down his face as he sat on the edge of the seat.

Ellie giggled at his exasperated look and she sat up as well, taking his hand in hers. “Connor, we have plenty of time to do all this stuff. We don’t have to do it now,” she reassured, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Yes, she was disappointed too, but she believed what she said.

There was plenty of time for him to steal third base.

Ellie thumped his shoulder and climbed up into the passenger seat. “Quit pouting,” she giggled, winking back at him after she got situated.

Connor pouted even more and leaned forward to where their faces were inches apart. “No.”

Ellie bit her lip and leaned forward, trying to be coy as she kept her lips from barely touching his. “Trust me, I want to continue this as much as you. But now’s not the time, hun,” she teased before pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

Connor sighed after she pulled away and climbed up into the driver’s seat. He still looked disappointed, so Ellie decided to use the new magic words. “Hey.”

He looked at her before he started the car.

“I love you,” she said with a broad grin. Even saying the words caused her heart to skip around in her chest.

His disappointed look slowly turned into a soft, caring one and Ellie felt like her heart was going to burst. “I love you too,” he whispered back, leaning forward.

They didn’t leave until ten minutes later, but Ellie didn’t care.

A week had passed before Ratonhnhaké:ton even managed to muster up the courage to talk to her again. She had made herself at home by that time and was walking around the manor freely, which he was glad to see.

He found her out in the back, sitting on one of the large rocks overlooking the bay while reading one of the books from the library. Using the power of the eagle, he swooped down from his window and landed a little behind her. He stepped heavily so she could know that he was there.

Ellie jumped in surprise and glanced over her shoulder at him. “Yes?” she asked, tilting her head.

Ratonhnhaké:ton cleared his throat before gesturing to the boulder. “May I join you?”

Ellie narrowed her eyes, but she eventually scooted over to give him room.

Ratonhnhaké:ton sat down and looked out at the sea, occasionally glancing at her out of the corner of his eye. She had started to read her book again and would reach up and tuck her hair behind her ear when the wind blew it into her face.

Ratonhnhaké:ton knew she had read the book of stories from his people. He had written it himself and he recognized it immediately when he found her in the library a week ago. Did she know of his curse then?

The wind coming in from the sea blew her scent toward him and Ratonhnhaké:ton felt lightheaded. She smelled like paper and the sweet spices she used to bake with. It was intoxicating.

“Would you mind if I started a garden out here?” she suddenly asked.

He could sense the nervousness in her and he inwardly flinched. She truly was frightened of him. Not that he could blame her.

“It’s just…I found some seeds out in the barn the other day and it would give me something to do and-“

“You may. You can do anything you want,” Ratonhnhaké:ton said softly.

Ellie looked up at him and Ratonhnhaké:ton suddenly realized how green her eyes actually were in the sunlight. She bit her lip and she looked away. “Can I take Dancer out for a ride every now and then too? You’re welcome to join if you want to make sure I come back and-“

“That is alright.”

Ellie’s surprised look instantly turned suspicious. “I can?”

Ratonhnhaké:ton sighed and looked away from her. “I have no ill intentions for you…you were correct about why I kept you here.” He just wanted her to stop being scared of him. If he could manage that, it would be perfect.

Ellie tilted her head as she studied him, Ratonhnhaké:ton found the action intriguing. “So, you were lonely,” she finally stated.

Ratonhnhaké:ton cleared his throat and looked away. He hated admitting it, and she was not making it easy either.

“You could have just said so,” she said softly, laughing a little. “Now, I’m going to take Dancer out for a ride. You’re welcome to join.”

She put the small book in the pocket of her dress and made her way toward the stables. Ratonhnhaké:ton stood as well and followed her. He watched in fascination as she was able to quickly get the saddle on the mare easily. He thought that her small stature would have made it difficult for her.

“Oh, do you not have any other horses here?” she asked, looking around.

Ratonhnhaké:ton scoffed. “I do not need one.”

Ellie arched a brow before shrugging and pulling herself up into the saddle. “Well, I hope you can keep up!” she laughed, flicking the reins.

She and the mare flew down the path toward the front of the house and Ratonhnhaké:ton almost laughed before anger bubbled up in his gut.

She was in for a surprise if she was trying to escape.

Ellie had never felt so alive. She was almost to the river when she finally slowed down. She looked behind her and was surprised to find that Ratonhnhaké:ton wasn’t right behind her.

“You were foolish to run.”

She looked and squeaked in surprise to find him standing in front of the bridge that went over the river. His arms were crossed and he didn’t look pleased in the least.

Well, maybe her galloping away did have the potential to give the wrong idea. “I wasn’t trying to run away,” she replied, sitting taller in the saddle.

Well, he said he had no ill intentions earlier. And he hasn’t tried to hurt her or anything so far. She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Then why-“

“I wanted to see if you were lying about needing a horse or not. It’s called having fun,” she joked, gently flicking the reins so Dancer would step closer to him. She looked down at him from her saddle and smiled. She then tilted her head and asked, “How did you get down here so fast?”

He stiffened and Ellie immediately regretted asking. Ratonhnhaké:ton sighed and looked away. “That is not important. Where do you want to go?”

Ellie’s worry vanished and she gestured toward the cliff in the distance. “I just wanted to go there and back. That seems like a decent ride.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton nodded and started to walk across the bridge. He looked at her over his shoulder with a grin that strangely reminded her of a wolf. Her breath caught in her throat as well. He didn’t look as scary when he smiled. “You might want to get a head start,” he warned, taking off into the woods.

Ellie gasped in surprise at his sheer speed before her competitive side took over. She flicked the reins and took off after him. It was strange to ride along and occasionally see a flash of brown show up in the trees. So, he wasn’t completely human. Ellie came to that conclusion earlier that week. She didn’t know what that meant completely, though. There was a story in that first book she found that gave her a clue, but she wanted him to tell her if it was or not on his own for some reason.

They stopped by the cliff and Ellie dismounted so Dancer could rest a little. Ratonhnhaké:ton appeared nearby, sitting on a boulder at the base of the cliff. “How are you so fast?” she breathed out, leading Dancer toward him.

“I already told you. That is not important.”

Ellie pouted and put her hands on her hips. “Well, I think it’s important.”

He actually grinned and Ellie found her breath hitching in her throat again.

Ratonhnhaké:ton suddenly stiffened and stood up, looking at the area around them. A growling sound erupted from him and Ellie flinched at the sound.

“Get on the horse and get back to the manor,” he ordered, crouching down.

“Why do I—“

“Just do it!” he ordered. Before Ellie could do anything, wolves suddenly leapt at them from the brush.

Ratonhnhaké:ton leaped forward and shoved the one that was leaping toward Dancer away. “Go!” he roared.

Ellie scrambled into the saddle and took off toward the manor. The howls of the wolves followed her the whole way. Right as she reached the bridge, more wolves appeared out of the bushes and leaped at Dancer.

Ellie screamed as Dancer reared. She felt herself slipping out of the saddle and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Doing what Robert taught her to do, Ellie made sure to land on her back and not let her head hit the ground. A wolf sprung at her and Ellie managed to roll away and it only clamped its teeth down on the skirts of her dress.

A loud, booming snarl suddenly sounded out and Ellie gasped and covered her head when the wolf was thrown away.

She slowly looked up and her jaw dropped at the sight before her. A new wolf was standing in front of her now, growling furiously. Its dark brown fur bristled along its spine as it glared at the other wolves. Ellie instantly knew who it was when she managed to get a look at the wolf’s eyes. They were an unnatural blue.

So, the legend in the book she read was true.

The wolf snapped at another wolf that happened to come to close. The pack finally realized that they were outmatched and they started to back away slowly.

The large wolf snarled and that was it for the other wolves. They took off into the forest, yipping and howling.

The wolf turned and looked at her and Ellie finally managed to push herself upright. The wolf was still taller than her, even though she was sitting up straight on the ground. Before she realized what she was doing, she tentatively reached out and touched the fur that was still bristling on the wolf’s neck.

The wolf whined and turned his head toward her, nudging her arm a little.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, quickly pulling her hand away.

The wolf snorted and nudged her leg with its nose, gesturing toward her skirts.

Ellie suddenly realized what he was trying to ask. “Oh! I’m alright. That brute only tore my dress.”

The wolf huffed and started to pad toward the manor. Ellie stood up and snapped, “I can’t go back there yet! Where’s Dancer?”

The wolf paused and barked, looking toward the manor again.

“Are you sure she’s there?”

The wolf huffed again.

“Oh fine! You better be right.”

Ellie hurried forward and caught up with the wolf. They walked side by side up to the manor. Ellie wondered what they must have looked like. She guessed that she looked like one of the wild girls from one of her story books walking next to such a large wolf. The top of his head reached above her hip.

She almost laughed at the thought. They finally made it back to the manor and sure enough, Dancer was racing around the small yard in front of the barn.

“Easy girl,” Ellie soothed, barely managing to catch the mare’s reins.

Dancer wasn’t having it. The mare easily pulled away from Ellie and started to run around the yard again, eyes rolling wildly.

Ratonhnhaké:ton suddenly appeared and caught the reins, speaking lowly in a language Ellie didn’t understand.

She looked around and the wolf was gone. So, it was him. I’m not going insane.

Dancer, surprisingly, calmed down and was now whickering at the tall man.

Even though Ellie was grateful for all he did, she decided it was finally time for answers. She marched forward and poked his arm. “We are going to go inside and you’re going to explain some things to me. No exceptions.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton looked down at her sadly before he began to lead Dancer toward her stall. “Very well.”

Ellie was surprised that he agreed so easily. She shook the feeling away and made her way into the manor.

She plopped down in one of the dining room chairs, tapping her fingers on the table as she waited for him to come inside. Ratonhnhaké:ton finally walked in and he sat down across from her.

“Tell me everything. Now,” Ellie ordered.

Ratonhnhaké:ton looked down and set his clasped hands on the table. “What do you want to know?”

Ellie barked out a laugh. “Like I said; everything. I want to know why you’re like this? How did it happen? Why do you shut yourself out in the middle of the woods? Why—“

“I became this way after I drank the tea of the willow,” he began. “I wanted to avenge my mother’s death by finding her murderers. I wasn’t strong enough to do that when I was younger, so I went to the great willow tree, despite my grandmother’s orders.”

Ellie’s irritation instantly left her. “So the story in the book was true?”

Ratonhnhaké:ton smiled sadly. “Yes, the legend of the tea is true.”

Ellie didn’t know what to think. She thought the stories were just that; stories. The story she was thinking of was the one of the Great Willow. The willow’s bark had the ability to give the powers of nature to whoever drank the tea made from it. The person could also transform into the animal they met. Ellie recalled that the abilities of the wolf also included speed and the ability to move around unseen.

These abilities had a downfall, though. The person would soon lose themselves after drinking the tea, becoming more beast than human.

“This is unbelievable. I have seen it with my own eyes and I still cannot comprehend it,” she said in awe. She was confused, though. Ratonhnhaké:ton should only have the markings on his face if he only met the wolf…which meant. “You drank the tea more than once, didn’t you?”

An ashamed look reached Ratonhnhaké:ton’s features as he looked away. “Yes. The men who killed my mother proved to be stronger than I thought. So I drank the tea two more times. I finally avenged my mother after doing so.”

Ellie gulped and crossed her arms. “It’s obvious that you met the wolf…what are the others?”

Ratonhnhaké:ton gestured to the markings on his ribs and arms. “These are the markings of the eagle.” He then gestured toward his eyes. “This is the sign of the bear.”

Ellie then noticed something off about his shoulder. Bright red blood was still oozing out of a bite mark on it. She quickly stood up with a gasp. “You’re hurt! Why didn’t you say anything?! Here I was yelling at you to tell me everything and you were hurt this whole time!”

She kept rambling on as she quickly stepped toward the bucket of water she drew this morning and filled a bowl.

“You don’t have to—“

“You saved my life. So, yes, I do,” Ellie argued, reaching for a rag. She set them on the table and dipped the rag into the water.

He hissed a little as she dabbed at the wound, but other than that, he didn’t flinch. “The book mentioned a way to do away with the powers. What is it?”

He stiffened underneath her touch. “I…do not know. The legend passed down among my people explains it in a vague way.”

Ellie bit her lip as she kept cleaning the wound. It wasn’t as bad as she thought it was and she might have overreacted a little, but she didn’t care. “Thank you…by the way. I probably would have died if you weren’t there.”

His bright, blue eyes met hers and they stared at each other for many moments before he finally said, “You are welcome.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton almost could not believe his luck. After the day Ellie discovered his curse, they had become close friends quickly. He was more than happy to spend time around her too.

Ever since she boldly reached out and touched him in his wolf form, his heart had started to thud in a strange way whenever he was around her. He never acted on this feeling, though. He just stayed quiet and helped her with whatever project she was doing.

He helped her start the garden she wanted. Then she managed to talk him into rearranging the books in the library, which took hours but it was worth seeing her get excited about the various books there.

Ellie loved to ask questions and learn, too. She asked about the man who used to own this manor, and Ratonhnhaké:ton was more than happy to speak of Achilles. The old man had left the manor to him, despite the fact he knew that Ratonhnhaké:ton could possibly lose his sanity to the curse of the tea.

Ellie also asked about his people. She even convinced him to start teaching her their language. And that was where he found himself on a beautiful spring day with her underneath one of the large trees in the manor’s yard.

“The phonetics of these words are tricky, but I believe I can figure it out,” she said, looking determined. They had been learning one phrase at a time, since Ratonhnhaké:ton’s people did not truly have a written alphabet.

Ratonhnhaké:ton huffed out a laugh and flopped down onto his back, enjoying the feel of the cool grass on his skin. “We have been doing this for hours. Let’s do something else.”

Ellie tilted her head—an action Ratonhnhaké:ton had come to love seeing—as she hummed in thought.  “What do you suggest then? All the chores are already done.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton rolled his eyes. Even if he knew what he wanted to do, the chores she magically came up with while she was here was not one of them. “Do you know how to swim?”

Ellie’s eyes widened comically. “What? No. Girls usually are not allowed to.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton sat up, staring at her in confusion. “Why not?”

Ellie let out a laugh. “It’s not proper. Besides, why would we be near the water? The only reason I ever got near the river was to do laundry.”

“Your people are strange,” Ratonhnhaké:ton huffed, standing up. He held out his hand and helped her to her feet. “I would be glad to teach you.”

Ellie tapped her chin as she thought about it. “Hold on.” She hurried inside and Ratonhnhaké:ton stared after her in bewilderment. What could she possibly need?

It was many minutes later before she stepped out the door. “I found these in one of the drawers the other day. Looks like they’ll be put to good use after all,” she said happily.

Ratonhnhaké:ton was speechless. She had put on an old shirt and some pants that Achilles had given him years ago. The sleeves were much too long, and the pants were rolled many times to fit her short legs, but she looked beautiful to him still. He shook his shock away and started to walk toward the river. “I am glad you found those. There will be less fabric holding you down.”

Ellie followed him and she asked questions the whole way, like he knew she would. “So are we going to start small? I don’t know if I’ll like being too far out into the water. I—“

Even though he loved how she rambled, it still got a little annoying to Ratonhnhaké:ton occasionally. But, it was one of the many quirks about Ellie that made her Ellie and Ratonhnhaké:ton decided that he liked everything about her.

He had lied when he told her he did not know how to break the tea’s curse. He knew the answer, but he was not going to tell her. The curse can only be broken when one can tame the beast inside. His people have had stories of this successfully happening. These stories involved the cursed one falling in love and having that person they loved loving them in return. This was hard to do, though, because of the unpredictability of the cursed person’s mental state.

Ratonhnhaké:ton rarely felt the madness, but that did not mean it did not exist. He knew it was unfair to keep how to break the curse from Ellie, but he did not want her to be afraid of him. Nor did he want her to say she cared for him out of sympathy. The love had to be true, not empathetic. And so, this was Ratonhnhaké:ton’s dilemma. He knew he truly cared for the little woman walking beside him, but he had no idea how to make her care for him in return.

He had come upon this realization after she had been in the manor for a month. She was teaching him how to cook something her mother taught her to make years ago. He could not even remember what she was making he was so focused on her.

He was more focused on the way she tucked her hair behind her ear. And the way she tilted her head when she looked at him caused his heart to flutter anytime he saw it. And the way her eyes crinkled up when she smiled or laughed always made him feel happy. He noticed that her hands never stayed still either. Her fingers would tap as she read her book and they always moved swiftly with whatever task she was doing.

He also loved her voice. It was a lower pitch and it reminded him of his mother. That was not the reason he loved it, though. It was always kind, even when she was scolding him. Her voice soothed him and he could not remember feeling more relaxed than he did when she read the books aloud to him.

He loved her. He loved her kindness and everything else about her and knew she probably would never love him in return.

Despite this, he was happy. He was happier than he could ever remember being and it was all because of her.

They finally made it down to the river and Ratonhnhaké:ton did not hesitate to jump into the water. This day was warmer than usual and the cool water was refreshing.

He turned so that he was facing her and held out his hands. “Do not worry. I will help you.”

Ellie took a deep breath before pulling off the boots she had slipped on and she tentatively stuck her toes in the water. She squealed and let out a laugh as she shivered. “How can you stand this?! It’s freezing!” she laughed, finally putting her whole foot in.

“I just do,” he chuckled.

She shuffled out far enough to grasp his hands and Ratonhnhaké:ton’s heart fluttered at the contact. He shook the feeling away and he focused on the task at hand. He started to slowly step backwards toward the deeper part of the river, pulling her with him.

Her grip on his hands tightened as the water started to lap around her waist. Ratonhnhaké:ton’s heart clenched at the fearful look on her face and he gently squeezed her hands. “I got you. Nothing bad will happen.”

Ellie took a deep breath and let him pull her further into the water. Her eyes suddenly widened when the water reached her upper chest. “I can’t touch! Ratonhnhaké:ton, I—“

“It is alright. Just kick.”

She started to kick and Ratonhnhaké:ton was able to easily help her stay afloat. She beamed at him when she was able to successfully do it for many moments. “I’m swimming!”

Ratonhnhaké:ton almost did not know what to do with himself. She looked so happy and it filled him with joy. “Ellie, do you trust me?”

She gave him a look of confusion. “Yes, why?”

“Because I am going to let you do this alone now. I will be right here,” he said.

Instead of the fear he was anticipating, her brow furrowed in determination. “Alright.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton slowly let go of her hands and let her try on her own. Ellie proved to be a quick learner and before Ratonhnhaké:ton knew it, she was able to paddle around without difficulty.

“This is so much fun! I can see why you wanted to do it now,” she giggled.

Ratonhnhaké:ton rolled his eyes and dove beneath the water. He waited until he could hear her call out his name in confusion before he pushed off the bottom of the river and popped up right next to her.

She squealed in surprise and splashed him playfully, laughing.

An unfamiliar, playful feeling bubbled up inside of Ratonhnhaké:ton and he returned the splash. Soon, they were having a full out war. Ellie suddenly swam to where she could touch the bottom and she started to run away from him. Unfortunately for her, he had the advantage with his longer legs. He quickly caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up with ease. She shrieked with laughter as he leapt into the deeper part of the water.

When they surfaced, she gasped in surprise, wrapping her arms around his neck in fear. Ratonhnhaké:ton realized that he was in a significantly deeper part of the river and she probably was not comfortable. He quickly swam to where he could touch. “I got you,” he whispered.

He suddenly realized how close their faces were and his heart started to race in his chest. Her mouth was open and Ratonhnhaké:ton could feel the soft puffs of her breath on his face. Their gazes met and Ratonhnhaké:ton suddenly did not have control of himself. His grip around her waist tightened and he reached up and gently buried his fingers in her hair as he pressed his mouth to hers.

To his surprise, Ellie tightened her own grip around his neck and returned the kiss. His eyes slowly closed and Ratonhnhaké:ton let himself get lost in this moment. The rush he felt from the kiss was similar to the one he felt when he flew as an eagle, but intensified infinitely.

Her soft, gentle hands moved to cup his face and Ratonhnhaké:ton moved his hand from her hair and wrapped it around her waist with his other arm, pulling her body closer to his. They both pulled away, gasping for air, and Ratonhnhaké:ton’s eyes met hers again. She grinned and pulled his lips toward hers again and Ratonhnhaké:ton could feel her smiling into the kiss.

The kiss was hungry, yet sweet at the same time and Ratonhnhaké:ton wondered how that was even possible. He pushed the thought aside and focused entirely on the woman in his arms. Ellie pulled away again and her fingers gently stroked through his hair. “Ratonhnhaké:ton,” she whispered, grinning.

Ratonhnhaké:ton’s heart was thundering in his chest and his eyes widened when a raw, overwhelming need took over him. Without saying another word, he tossed her away from him, gulping in air. No! No! NO! Not now! he begged to himself.


“Get away! Get back to the manor!” he managed to growl.

“Is it happening again?”


He could feel his body start to change, despite his pleading. The power of the wolf overcame him and he quickly swam to the opposite shore as her. He had to get away. He had to get far away from her before the beast’s mind took over. He would die before he hurt her.

Ratonhnhaké:ton  dared to pause as he stepped out of the water as a wolf. He looked across the river to see Ellie standing on the other side, looking at him with worry. The look caused his heart to sink.

He let out a mournful howl before taking off into the forest.

Ellie didn’t know what to think anymore. She had seen the curse take over Ratonhnhaké:ton before. The first time it happened was when they were working on the garden one day and the power of the bear appeared. Ellie remembered watching in terror from inside the manor as the largest bear she had ever seen lumbered off into the forest.

Ratonhnhaké:ton had told her that these moments can come at any time without warning and that he would try to get away if they did.

Ellie huffed to herself as she walked up to the manor. “That bloody curse couldn’t have had worse timing,” she grumbled.

She had noticed that she was developing new feelings for Ratonhnhaké:ton for the past couple weeks. At first, Ellie thought of Ratonhnhaké:ton as a close friend. Then she noticed how he was looking at her while she was reading aloud to him one day. It was only for a moment, but it was enough to get her heart to start fluttering in her chest.

Ratonhnhaké:ton was looking at her like she was the most wonderful thing on the earth.

It was enough to get her to start thinking of him in a different way. Now that she had gotten to know him, she discovered that he actually was a kind hearted person. She started to see the man that was there before the curse. She noticed how soft spoken he truly was and how that one minded intensity that she noticed in his eyes went toward everything he did. Ratonhnhaké:ton gave everything his all and he never held back.

He also was intelligent and she was happy when she found that she could have conversations with him about the books on philosophy and history he owned.

She also was starting to see his rugged, handsome features in a different way as well. His high cheek bones and broad nose fit right in with his sharp jawline and it contrasted with how big and wide his eyes were and how soft his lips looked.

She was also glad to know that his hair was as silky as it looked, even when it was wet.

Ratonhnhaké:ton had somehow burrowed his way into her heart and she had no idea what to do about it. What was she going to do when he returned?

Ellie sighed as she stepped into the manor. Well, she should at least dry off and change before worrying about it.

Ratonhnhaké:ton hated changing back after the beast took over. The sensation usually only felt strange, but it was painful after changing unwillingly. He gasped in air as soon as his lungs returned to normal and he groaned in pain as his body finished changing. He had made it back close to the manor, at least.

Ratonhnhaké:ton finally managed to push himself to his feet and he started to wearily walk toward the front door of the manor.

Ellie must hate him now for what happened. She probably never wanted to see him again. He would not have been surprised if he found the manor empty. His heart felt like it was being ripped apart at the thought. What would he do if she was not there? He did not even want to think about it.

The opposite happened. Instead of an empty manor, he opened the door to the smell of one of Ellie’s stews and the sound of her humming in the kitchen.

He silently made his way toward the kitchen and peered around the entryway.

Ratonhnhaké:ton’s heart felt too big for his chest as he just watch her chop away at whatever was on her cutting board. She did not pull her hair back after their swim and she was letting it fall freely around her shoulders in soft waves. Her intoxicating scent overwhelmed his senses and he forgot why he was anxious. All he could feel was joy for a moment.

The anxiety came back with a kick when she turned and looked at him. Now that she has seen him again, surely she must be having doubts about being around him.

Her eyes widened in surprise at first before they softened and stared at him in sympathy.

“Are you alright?” she quietly asked, setting her knife down.

Before he could say anything, she was walking across the kitchen and reaching up to gently touch his cheek. Ratonhnhaké:ton almost could not believe this was happening. She was accepting him, even after what happened in the river.

Instead of saying anything, he reached forward and wrapped his arms around her, resting his cheek on her head. He just needed to hold her. He needed nothing else. “I am sorry,” he finally whispered.

Ellie let out a soft laugh and Ratonhnhaké:ton sighed when he felt her gentle hands resting on his back as she returned his hug. “Why are you sorry? You can’t control it.”

He stepped away and spluttered as he tried to come up with everything wrong he did.

Ellie, instead of berating him, just giggled and tugged on his braid. “Come on. I need your help with the stew. I have a couple more vegetables to chop before it’s done.” She smiled up at him before stepping away and walking back to the counter.

Ratonhnhaké:ton felt his jaw slowly drop as he just stared at her. She was staying?

He walked with a new hop in his step as he made his way toward the counter.

Maybe there was hope for him after all.

Who would have thought that it would come in the form of the tiny, kind, beautiful girl next to him?

Ratonhnhaké:ton just seemed happier and happier each day and Ellie had no idea what to make of it. It made her happy as well, though, and she wasn’t about to complain.

Her beast of a man was affectionate, too.

He sometimes reminded her of the various animals he could turn into while he was being affectionate as well.

Ellie curled up against his side when she read aloud to him now and he always wrapped an arm around her and kept her close like a bear would. And when they kissed, he would playfully nip her lips or her ear like a wolf. And the look he gave her always made her heart soar.

There was one thing that did enter her mind occasionally, despite how happy she was.

She had not seen her god father or friends in almost three months. She missed them all terribly, but she also didn’t want to leave Ratonhnhaké:ton.

Ratonhnhaké:ton always seemed to know what she was thinking though. He said the words she never wanted to hear one night at dinner. “You miss your home…don’t you?”

Ellie looked up at him and tried to give him a convincing smile. “Well, yes, but I’m happy here as well.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton didn’t look like he believed her. He suddenly stood up from his spot at the table and walked over to her. He knelt down beside her, taking her hands in his. “Ellie…I do not want you to be unhappy. Please answer me truthfully. Do you want to go home?”

Ellie bit her lip as she looked into his eyes. All of that one minded intensity was on her and she knew that she should answer truthfully. She reached up and rested her hand on his cheek, lightly rubbing at a tiny scar on his cheekbone with her thumb. “Ratonhnhaké:ton, believe me when I say I am happy with you…but I would like to be able to visit my friends.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton looked away and Ellie’s heart almost broke at his expression. “Ratonhnhaké:ton?”

“I release you. You are no longer bound to stay here,” he said quietly, standing up.

Ellie looked up at him in confusion. “Are you…sending me away?”

Ratonhnhaké:ton sighed and stepped away from her. It reminded her of the way he used to shy away from her when she first started staying here. “You deserve more than this. More than me.” He paused and looked away. “It was selfish of me to keep you here, and I can never make that up to you.”

Ellie felt irritated instantly. “How do you know what is good for me or not? Yes, I would be happy to visit my friends but what makes you think I won’t come back?” She stood up and marched over to him, cupping his face in her hands. “I am happy here, you fool.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton pulled away from her hands. “Do you want that? To visit your friends?”

Ellie knew where this was going and she also knew she wasn’t going to win if she didn’t do it. “Will you stop acting like this if I do?”

Ratonhnhaké:ton narrowed his eyes before sighing and resting his hands on either side of her neck, gently rubbing her jaw with his thumbs. Ellie’s heart fluttered at the sensation. His eyes were now soft and caring as he said, “Yes, I will.”

Ellie reached up on the tips of her toes and pecked him on the lips. “Then I’ll go.”

Ratonhnhaké:ton stared at her for many moments before pressing a long kiss to her forehead. “And I will be here.”

Davenport barely changed since the last time Ellie left. Strangely, though, the town seemed almost deserted. She stopped Dancer in front of her house and quickly dismounted. What was going on?

She hurried to her door and opened it. “Robert?!”

The tap of wood and the heavy footsteps she knew so well entered the room. Robert’s eyes widened in shock. “Ellie? What are you doing here?”

Ellie couldn’t stop the joy rising in her chest and she hugged him before saying anything. “I missed you so much!”

Robert suddenly stepped out of her embrace. “Lass, how did you escape? How are you here?”

Ellie suddenly remembered how she met Ratonhnhaké:ton in the first place. “Oh Robert, it was all a big misunderstanding. He was just lonely. He’s the only one in that manor after all.”

“That monster was lonely? That’s why he forced you to stay?!”

Ellie’s heart sunk at the word ‘monster’. That was the last thing she would call Ratonhnhaké:ton. “Robert, he let me go! He truly is kind and caring and—“

Robert suddenly grabbed her shoulders, looking into her eyes. “Are you in your right mind?”

Ellie frowned and huffed. “Yes, I am! He truly is not a monster Robert! Why do you think I stayed there for as long as I did?”

Robert furrowed his brow. “You mean…you could have left?”

Ellie shrugged. “Ratonhnhaké:ton wouldn’t have stopped me. You must believe me, Robert.”

Robert sighed and plopped down into a dining chair. “Lass, I have horrible news for you then.”

Ellie’s heart sunk even more. “What do you mean?”

Robert looked up at her wearily. “That Baker boy was finally able to gather all of the men that were willing to fight that man. They were all too scared when I asked them.”

“Oh no,” Ellie whispered, bringing her hands up to her mouth. She knew that Ratonhnhaké:ton could handle a fight, but against a whole town’s worth of men? No one could win.

Ellie quickly hurried to the door. “I have to stop them!”

“Hold on Lass! I’m coming too!”

Ratonhnhaké:ton knew that the past two months were too good to be true. He could hear the men of Davenport coming.

As soon as he heard the racket with his human ears, he immediately went into his wolf form and went out into the forest.

Ellie must have told them to come…there was no other reason why they would.

Instead of the anger he wanted to feel, sadness only formed. Was it all a trick to get him to let her go?

It did not matter anymore.

If these villagers did not kill him, the curse eventually would.

He sat on his haunches, waiting patiently for his end.

That was before the mind of the beast took over without warning.

Ellie was distraught when she reached the manor. She could tell that there was a large fight. Some men were lying on the ground, groaning in pain and clutching at various parts of their bodies. No one seemed to be dead or gravely injured though. She quickly raced toward one of her close friends, Clipper, while Robert checked on the other men.


Clipper looked up at her in shock. “Ellie?! We thought you were dead when we couldn’t find you!”

Ellie gripped his hand. “Clipper, where did he go?”


“The man with the markings on him?!”

Clipper’s eyes widened. “What man? All we found was a crazed wolf! Biggest bastard I’ve ever seen.”

Ellie felt the blood drain from her face. There was only one way to get Ratonhnhaké:ton to fight back against these men. The beast must have taken control.  “Where did the wolf go?”

“I dunno. The beast ran off after doing this to us and Matthew chased after it.”

Ellie pressed a kiss to Clipper’s cheek. “Thank you, Clipper. I’ll stop him.”

She raced over to Dancer and jumped up into the saddle, taking off down the hill. She followed the sound of shouts and gunshots. Men from the town were running away from a specific area and Ellie made sure to go toward it.

Then she heard the snarling.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton,” she whispered, urging Dancer to go faster.

She leapt out of the saddle when she reached the cliffs were she and Ratonhnhaké:ton first rode to two months ago.

Matthew Baker and Ratonhnhaké:ton’s wolf form were circling around each other. Matthew had his gun drawn and pointed at Ratonhnhaké:ton. Ellie raced forward with a shout and shoved the gun away right as Matthew pulled the trigger. The shot went wide and Ratonhnhaké:ton surged forward, snarling.

“Ellie! What are you—“

Ellie ignored him and stood her ground against the wolf racing toward her. “Ratonhnhaké:ton!”

The wolf skidded to a halt and started to pace in front of her, whining one moment and snarling the next. The bright blue eyes switched from being pleading to wild with the sounds. Ellie’s heart dropped at the sight in front of her.

Ratonhnhaké:ton’s dark pelt was drenched with blood on his shoulder and back leg and Ellie immediately knew they were gunshot wounds. He also was stepping with a limp. She knew he must have been fighting extremely hard to keep the beast at bay.

Without thinking, she knelt down and reached forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, digging her fingers into his thick fur. She immediately was reminded of his hair. “Come back to me, Ratonhnhaké:ton,” she begged, burying her face into his neck.

The change was smoother than she imagined it would be, Ratonhnhaké:ton never let her see it in the past. She could feel the fur retracting and the bones and muscles replacing themselves underneath her fingers, but she never let go.

Soon, she was met with the familiar touch of his skin and his own unique scent that reminded her of pine needles and leather filled her senses. “Ellie?”

Ellie pulled away and pushed some loose strands of hair from his face. “Hey,” she laughed softly, smiling at him.

He reached up and cupped her cheek. “You came back?”

“Of course I did. I couldn’t let them hurt you,” she managed to croak out past the lump forming in her throat.

His surprised look turned into the soft grin she knew and Ellie’s heart started to lift again.

The moment was shattered when a gunshot rang out and all of his weight suddenly sagged forward.

Ellie gasped and looked to see blood oozing from a wound in his side. She gently tried to put Ratonhnhaké:ton on the ground, holding back her gasps of panic.

“No. No no no no no no no! Ratonhnhaké:ton!”

“He deserved it.”

Ellie glared up at Matthew, who looked pleased with himself.

“He was a monster. He deserves the slow death I’m giving him.”

A gurgling sound came from Ratonhnhaké:ton and Ellie quickly turned her attention back to him. “Ratonhnhaké:ton, stay with me. You’re going to be okay,” she shakily said.

Ratonhnhaké:ton shook his head, reaching up and touching her face again. “I’m glad I got to see you…” he paused and gulped. “One last time.”

His hand fell and Ellie didn’t know what to do as she stared at his face. The blue in his eyes seemed to dim more and more by the second.

“No, don’t go,” Ellie quietly sobbed. She cupped his face in her hands and pressed her forehead against his. “I love you, you can’t go yet.”

His eyes finally closed and Ellie heard a small sigh escape from his lips.

Ellie sat up a little and her lip quivered as she stared down at Ratonhnhaké:ton’s still body. No, this couldn’t be happening. Her whole body started to shake as she tried to keep the sobs in.

Matthew made a sound of disgust. “Why are you mourning him? He kept you a prisoner.”

Ellie’s fingers tightened into fists as she glared at the young man behind her. “Just. Leave,” she growled.

“You actually care about this monster?”

“Leave!” Ellie screeched, leaning over Ratonhnhaké:ton’s body again. She couldn’t stop the sobs now.

She eventually heard Matthew leave and she openly wept over the man she loved.

Ratonhnhaké:ton felt like he was floating.

He was back in the spirit journey. How was he here? He did not drink the tea. The only thing he could remember was…

“Ellie!” he shouted, looking around desperately.

For the first time ever, he was able to pull himself out of the beast’s mind and it was all because he heard her. She had asked him to come back to her and he forced himself to be sane again.

A bark caused him to look over his shoulder and he stiffened when he saw a wolf, an eagle, and a bear standing behind him.

You are free, a melody of voices said in his head.

Now, he was falling.

A hissing noise forced Ellie to open her eyes and look around. She had thrown herself on Ratonhnhaké:ton’s chest, trying to convince herself that this was all a dream. She looked down and gasped when the markings on Ratonhnhaké:ton’s skin started to glow.

She scurried back, watching in awe as the markings slowly melted away. A faint glow was also coming from behind his eyelids. Ellie’s jaw dropped when she saw the gunshot wounds start to slowly close up.

What was happening?

Soon, the marks were gone and all of Ratonhnhaké:ton’s wounds were healed.

Ellie reached forward, gently touching the skin of his arm.

She yelped when he suddenly surged forward, coughing.

She scurried back, wondering if she had gone mad.

Ratonhnhaké:ton looked down at his hands before looking at her. Instead of the brilliant, cold blue gaze she was used to, she was met with soft, warm brown eyes.

“Ellie?” he softly breathed out, tentatively reaching forward with his hand.

Ellie crawled forward and let him touch her face. “Ratonhnhaké:ton?”

He grinned and Ellie immediately knew she wasn’t dreaming. She let out a laugh of joy and surged forward, wrapping her arms around his neck. She pressed kisses to wherever she could all over his face and her heart leapt when his arms wrapped around her waist.

No, she couldn’t possibly be dreaming.

She finally pulled back and cupped his face in her hands. “How?” she shakily laughed, running her thumbs across his cheekbones.

He beamed up at her and her heart melted at the sight. “You,” he replied, pulling her down for a kiss.

Ellie wasn’t going to accept that answer, but she was too busy kissing back to care.

“So you had to love someone and have them love you in return to stop the curse? You could have just told me silly!” Ellie laughed.

Ratonhnhaké:ton rolled his eyes. “Yes, and you would have said you loved me out of sympathy. That is not good enough.”

He honestly did not care that she was asking so many questions. She was here, and he never felt more human in his life. That had its downsides, though. Ratonhnhaké:ton had never felt more sore in his life and it was because he did not have the curse to weaken the pain.

He welcomed it with open arms.

It was a reminder that he was free from the curse for good.

And that was how he found himself with one arm draped over Ellie’s shoulders and the other draped over Dancer’s saddle.

His heart had never felt so light and it was all because of Ellie.

She kept rambling on about how silly he was to keep the cure for the curse from her and he just looked down at her lovingly.

“Konnorónhkwa,” he said softly, interrupting her.

Ellie’s rambling stopped and she looked up at him with an equally loving look. “I love you, too.”

And Ratonhnhaké:ton  was happy to say they lived happily ever after.
There once was a little town that sat on the coast, overlooking a beautiful bay. The town had your typical people. Lumbermen, blacksmiths, innkeepers, farmers, and many other people lived in this town, and all was peaceful.

But, there was one thing that put everyone on edge in this town. On the other side of the bay, sat a large manor, and it towered above everything else around it. There was a rumor that the manor was cursed and that a monster lived within it. The people of the little town avoided that side of the bay at all costs and they continued on with their lives.

Until, that is, a man who just wanted to make his mark in the world, stumbled upon the manor.

And that, my friends, is where this story begins.

Robert Faulkner was undoubtedly lost.

The old sailor grumbled curses at himself and at the path before him as he tried to make his way back to Davenport. He had a god daughter to get back to and he would be damned if he didn’t. Robert couldn’t remember a happier time in his life before he adopted Ellie into his home. Her poor parents, who were his best friends, passed away 10 years ago and he was more than willing to take their young daughter under his wing.

Now, she was the kindest, and in his opinion, the most beautiful woman in Davenport.

His original plan for this trip was to go to the city up the coast and try to see if he could find someone who would be willing to help him rebuild his ship, The Aquila. The poor girl had just come back from a beating from the sea and he needed to get her repaired as soon as possible so he could get his business up and running again.

That plan was going well, that is, until he got lost on his way home.

“Damn road markers, whatever happened to repainting them every year?” Robert grumbled.

His horse’s ears suddenly perked up and the mare halted in her tracks. She wouldn’t even budge after Robert gave her a soft kick and a flick of the reins. The mare whickered nervously and started to step backwards from the path before her.

“What are you doing?” Robert grumbled, flicking the reins again with a sharp kick.

A deep snarl suddenly sounded from the brush of the forest and Robert’s heart dropped to his feet.


Robert gave the mare another sharp kick and she finally obeyed and leaped forward right as the beasts leapt from the bushes.

The path became more twisted as they went along and Robert yelped in surprise when the mare suddenly reared, throwing him to the ground. Robert barely managed to keep his head from slamming into the ground too hard, but it was enough.

He used every ounce of strength he had to keep his eyes open and he tried to calmly accept his fate as the wolves drew closer. His shaky hand reached for his pistol, but he knew it would be too late.

That is, until a larger beast leaped in front of him and roared at the wolves.

Robert’s vision started to go fuzzy as he saw the larger beast fight off the pack of wolves effortlessly. The last thing he saw before his vision went dark were brilliant, bright blue eyes blazing furiously at him.

Ellie was worried out of her mind.

The young woman paced furiously throughout her small home, wondering why her god-father hadn’t returned from his trip yet. He was supposed to be back two days ago yet he was nowhere to be seen. She sighed and dusted off her apron, stepping outside.

Well, she might as well get some chores done. He must be running late, that’s all.

A churning in Ellie’s stomach told her otherwise. Something was wrong.

Right as she started feeding the chickens, the sound of heavy footsteps sounded throughout the yard.

“How are you, Ellie?”

Ellie turned away from the chickens and she almost groaned.

Matthew Baker, the town’s most eligible bachelor, was leaning his shoulder against the chicken coop.

“I am well, Mr. Baker.”

“Aw Ellie, you don’t need to be so formal around me you know?” he laughed, taking a step toward her.

Ellie gave him a warning glance. “Mr. Faulkner isn’t here at the moment. You’ll have to wait to do business later.”

This was the third time this week he came here just to bother her. He had to be the most insufferable, pigheaded man she had ever met.

“I’m not here to do business with your father, Ellie. I’m here to see you.”

“And I’m asking you to leave.” She set the bucket of seed down and made her way toward the front door.

A firm grip on her elbow forced her to stop and turn toward him. “I’m actually not going to leave. Not until I can properly talk to you.”

Oh bother.

Ellie held back a sigh and looked up at him. Yes, Matthew was handsome, but his pride and conceitedness made Ellie see past his face. She knew why he was here, and she wanted nothing to do with it. “And what do you want to talk about, Mr. Baker?”

“I want you to marry me, Ellie. What do you say to that?”

Ellie wondered how she could get out of this situation as smoothly as possible. Resting her hand on Matthew’s shoulder, she sighed. “I’m so sorry, Matthew, but I just don’t deserve you.” She patted his shoulder and turned and stepped inside her house. She quickly pulled the lock on the door so he couldn’t get in.

“You’ll change your mind eventually, Ellie. I promise that,” Matthew called out, laughing a little after the statement.

Ellie peeked out the window to see him stomping away back toward town.

“The last thing I want to be is Mrs. Baker,” she grumbled, stepping outside again. She finished her chores sullenly.

She didn’t want to be Mrs. Anyone. She wanted to travel the coast with her god-father and see all the places she read about. She wanted to make an impact on the world.

Unfortunately, life seemed to have a different plan for her. She walked out into the meadow near her home, sighing heavily as she plopped down in the middle and started to pick at the flowers around her.

The thundering hoof beats of a horse suddenly reached her ears and she gasped as the family mare, Dancer, raced toward her. She quickly got to her feet as fast as her dress would allow and tried to calm the mare down.

“Easy girl, easy,” Ellie said in a soothing tone, finally managing to grab the horse’s reins. “Where’s Robert?”

The mare tossed her head and backed away, eyes rolling. Ellie frowned in confusion and glanced over her shoulder, wondering what the mare could be backing away from. The other side of the bay was the only thing that greeted her.

Biting her lip, Ellie pondered what to do. What if Robert was in trouble? Should she get someone from town or should she go herself?

Setting her lips in a firm line, Ellie finally made the decision.

She was going to get her god-father back.

The woods on the other side of the bay were more ominous than Ellie had anticipated. Dancer was beginning to grow more and more nervous as they traveled further down the path.

Right as she was about to give up hope, she saw what looked like Robert’s pistol sitting in the middle of the path. She got off of Dancer, quickly stepping over to it. “Robert,” she breathed out, gently picking it up. She saw large footprints leading toward a smaller path into the forest.

Ellie grabbed Dancer’s reins and followed it. Her breath hitched in her throat when a large manor loomed in front of her.

The feeling in her gut told her that Robert just had to be there.

She guided Dancer past the gate to the manor’s yard and closed it behind her before tying the reins to a nearby tree. “Wait here girl,” Ellie shakily ordered, patting her on the nose.

The red brick manor was taller than she first thought it was. An overwhelming feeling of sadness came over Ellie as she stepped closer and closer to it. Who could live in such a place?

Ellie gently knocked on the door and jumped when it opened almost immediately. She tentatively stepped in, wondering what in the world she got herself into.

“I should have just gotten Dave or Warren to help. No, I had to be a silly chit and come myself,” she grumbled to herself, stepping further into the foyer. “Hello?” she called out.

No answer. Everything was dim and the only source of light was coming from a candelabra sitting on a nearby table. She moved further into the manor and gasped when a clattering noise and a new light appeared from the room behind the stairs.

She raced forward and looked around in confusion and fear when she saw no one there. Just another candelabra. “Is someone here?” she called out, feeling more foolish by the second. She never should have come here alone. What was she thinking?

She gasped when the candelabra suddenly dipped a little, revealing a secret door. The secret door continued to swing open and Ellie gulped as she looked into the darkness of the stairway before her.

Well, she came this far. She quickly walked back into the foyer and grabbed the other candelabra and moved back toward the secret door. Bravery started to fill her chest when she held the candelabra in front of her, letting it guide her to the bottom of the stairs.

“Whose there?!” a familiar voice called out when she reached the bottom.

“Robert!” Ellie cried out happily, moving toward the sound of his voice.

The old sailor was peering at her through the slats of a door on the other side of the basement.

“Are you alright?” Ellie asked, reaching for his hands through the openings in the door.

“Lass, you need to get out of here. It’s not safe. He might be back at any moment,” Robert warned, trying to shoo her away.

“No! I’m getting you out of here,” Ellie argued.

Robert’s eyes suddenly widened. “Get out of here Ellie!” he hissed.

“Who are you?” a soft, low voice suddenly asked.

Ellie whipped around, pressing her back against the door as she looked at the newcomer. Due to the lack of light, she couldn’t really make out too much of him. All she could tell was that the man was tall, taller than any man she had ever seen.

“Please, let him go. He’s my only family!”

The man huffed. “I cannot do that.”

“Why not?!” Ellie snapped before she could stop herself.

“I saved his life. Now he owes me a debt. When he refused to pay it, I put him here,” the man growled.

“What was the payment?”

“That is none of your concern.”

“I’m making it my concern!” Ellie argued. The man who practically raised her was trapped here. She was willing to do anything.

The man tilted his head and stepped closer, but Ellie noticed he made sure to stay in the shadows. “You truly want to make it your concern? Would you be willing to pay off his debt to me?”

A shiver went down Ellie’s spine at his words. She gulped down the lump of fear that was forming in her throat and she forced herself to stay calm. “What do you want?”

“You have to stay here forever.”

It felt as if a heavy rock was just dropped into Ellie’s stomach at his words. That was his condition?

Ellie bit her lip, and the way the man was tapping his foot told her that she didn’t have much time to think about this deal. “If I do this, will you let him go?”

The man was silent for a moment before he finally answered, “Yes. He may leave, and you may never leave the manor’s grounds.”

Ellie’s heart was now thundering in her chest and she forced her hands to not shake as they held the candelabra. “I accept,” she managed to choke out.

She stepped aside as the man unlocked the door and let Robert out. Robert immediately grabbed Ellie’s shoulders. “Lass, what are you thinking?! I’m old and I’ve lived my fair share of days! I-“

A large hand suddenly grabbed the back of Robert’s coat and started to drag him toward the stairs.

“Wait!” Ellie called out, reaching for Robert.

They were gone before she could do anything else.

Ellie let the brave act drop as the door slammed shut upstairs. She collapsed to the ground, sobbing.

What has she done?

Ratonhnhaké:ton almost could not believe his luck. He tossed the man outside of the gate, not caring about his fate now.  

He stalked back toward his house, trying to think of the limitless possibilities before him. Just when he had given up hope on the curse ever being broken, the answer showed up at his door.

Ratonhnhaké:ton knew the young woman had stepped onto his land before she even knew where she was. He was out in the woods, trying to avoid the manor at night like he usually did when he saw her.

He had never seen someone so beautiful in his life. And, fhe knew that she could perhaps be the answer to all of his problems. Fate seemed to be on his side when she made her way toward the manor.

He had followed her inside, using the power of the wolf to sneak by her and guide her to the secret passage to the basement. Seeing her clearly in the candlelight up close was more than he imagined. He could see that she was beautiful in the forest, but seeing her not even 10 feet away from him was an eye opening experience.

The candlelight made her green eyes twinkle, even when she looked at him in fear, which strangely unnerved him. He usually did not care if people were afraid of him or not. Her light brown, wavy hair was halfway pulled back, letting the rest fall in gentle, soft waves past her shoulders and some strands were left out to frame her face. Ratonhnhaké:ton was almost surprised to see how short she actually was. The top of her head probably would not even reach his shoulder.

Normally, he would have let them both go. He only kept the man there because he was bored and he saved him while he was using the power of the bear. He could not have cared less about whether the man owed him a debt or not.

But, the way this girl stood up to him made his heart thud in a way it never had before.

At that moment, Ratonhnhaké:ton began to think of ways to keep her there. Surprisingly, the plan he came up with worked and he almost allowed himself to feel hope again as he walked toward the manor.

“I’ll come back for her! You can’t hide here forever!” the man shouted after him.

Ratonhnhaké:ton rolled his eyes.

As if those towns’ people stood a chance against him anyway.

He had the power of nature cursing him.

No one could stop him.

He stepped into the manor and sighed as he shut the door. How was he going to go about this now? He found a way to keep the girl here, but how was he going to make her like him?

He did not think this part through.

Silently cursing to himself, he forced himself to make his way toward the basement.

Might as well get this over with.

Heavy footsteps were Ellie’s only warning of the man’s return. She quickly wiped away her tears and tried to stand before he reached the bottom of the stairs. She dusted off her skirts, forcing herself to put on a brave face as he stopped at the bottom. Again, he stayed in the shadows.

They stared at each other for a few moments before he gestured to her. “I will show you to your room.”

Ellie blinked in surprise, looking back at the small room Robert was kept in. So, she wasn’t going to be a prisoner?

The man started to walk up the stairs and Ellie took a deep breath before grabbing the candelabra and following him. He led her up to the first floor and then made his way toward the front of the house. “This is your home now; you may go where you please. Except for the bedroom upstairs.”

Ellie just nodded, studying the man in front of her. He truly was the biggest man she had ever seen. She could barely make out his dark, tanned skin in the faint light of her candle. He was wearing many things that looked like wraps over his dark pants and he wore tall boots. She saw the faint marks of tattoos occasionally as he walked in front of her.

Who was this person?

He stopped in front of a large door. “You can stay here. Good night.”

Before she could say anything else, he began to walk away. Ellie stood in a shocked silence for many moments before she opened the door. She walked around the room, trying to find any other candles she could light as she went.

The room was large and Ellie could see a small table in the middle with what looked like a game board sitting on it. A large, four poster bed sat against the wall on one side and two, large windows overlooking the bay were on the other.

Ellie was initially confused. Why would the man give a prisoner a large, comfortable room? Then it came to her. She knew his intentions were most likely not good, but could they be worse than what she anticipated?

Stepping over to the window, the young woman started to think of a plan to get out of this mess. She probably shouldn’t try to escape tonight. Or any night, for that matter. He would probably anticipate it and catch her no matter what she did. Ellie sighed and sat at the table. She knew Robert would come back for her. And, knowing him, he could easily rally people to help him.

She kept thinking about ways to escape long into the night, eventually falling asleep.

Ellie was exhausted when she awoke and her cheek hurt from having it rest on the table. The sun had just risen and she held back a groan. What was she going to do? She knew she was going to run into the man again eventually.

Her stomach rumbled and Ellie took a deep breath before standing and making her way toward the door.

She opened it, barely, and peeked out into the hall. No one was there and she couldn’t hear anything, so she quietly stepped out of the room. Trying to stay as quiet as she could, she tip toed down the hallway until she found the kitchen.

Surprisingly, there was already some food set out on the table. It was just plain biscuits and cheese, but Ellie was pleased, nonetheless.

She quickly grabbed two biscuits and a hunk of cheese and quickly made her way back to the bedroom. She gobbled her small breakfast down and sat at the table again before mustering up the courage to go outside the room again.

Ellie saw no one as she opened the door and she shut it quietly behind her. Gulping down the lump of fear growing in her throat, she stepped toward the front door. She had left Dancer tied to the tree outside and she was sure the man didn’t help the mare at all. She opened the door, looking around the grounds.

To her surprise and fear, Dancer wasn’t where she left her.

A small whicker caused Ellie to look to the left of the manor and she was surprised to see Dancer standing in a stall in the barn. Ellie picked up her skirts and hurried over to the stall. When she reached the mare, she was relieved and immensely confused to find that Dancer had been rubbed down, fed, and even combed.

“Is she to your liking?”

Ellie jumped and spun around to see the man standing in the middle of the yard. He slowly stepped closer to her, stopping about 10 feet away.

Ellie didn’t know whether to be thankful or suspicious…but she couldn’t stop the definite feeling of curiosity as she stared at her captor.

As she noticed before, he was tall and broad. He easily stood a head taller than most of the men back at home. His dark hair was halfway pulled back, letting the rest fall at the nape of his neck. His rugged features were handsome, but what truly sparked Ellie’s curiosity where the markings on his tan skin and his eyes.

His eyes were a brilliant, unnatural blue and they had an intensity about them that should have frightened her. Ellie, instead, felt even more curious and almost drawn to that intensity. Dark marks ran down from his eyes toward his sharp jawline. Another dark line went from his bottom lip to his chin and one ran down the bridge of his nose. Rings of triangles circled his powerful biceps and more triangles on lines went up his ribs. While it was strange to see a man only half dressed, she was fascinated.

Ellie realized that she was staring and mentally shook herself. “Thank you, for taking care of her.”

Well, if she was going to be a semi-free prisoner, she might as well be civil with him. Ellie wanted to hate him terribly, but she couldn’t find it in her heart to do so. The same sadness she felt around the manor was rolling off of him. Her almost annoying sense of empathy told her to help him. She ignored the feeling for now and tried to think of him basically putting her god father in a cage.

The man cleared his throat and held his hands behind his back, revealing more of his bare torso. “As I said before, you may go anywhere on the grounds. Just call out if you need help,” he explained, turning away.

Ellie sighed and crossed her arms. What would she call out if she did want his help—which she didn’t—she had to call him something, right? “What’s your name?”

The man paused and glanced at her with narrowed eyes. “You will not be able to say it,” he grumbled.

Ellie tapped her fingers on her arm. So this was how he was going to be? “Try me,” she retorted.

The man turned back toward her and furrowed his brow. “Ratonhnhaké:ton.”

Ellie played out the sounds of his name in her head and pushed some loose locks of hair behind her ear. She was happy her god-father had her learn French and German so she could help with his sailing business. Because of this, she was able to play the foreign sounds out in her mind and almost get his name right. “Well, Ratonhnhaké:ton, my name is Ellie.” She paused and began to walk toward the manor again.

His surprised expression was worth the risk of angering him.

Ellie was bewildered to find that the large manor didn’t have as many rooms as she thought it did. There was a library and a study room upstairs. She didn’t dare go toward the bedroom. And, on the first floor, there was only the kitchen, dining room, another study area, and her bedroom. She also noticed that no one else was there.

“No wonder he’s a grump. He lives all alone,” Ellie huffed, exploring some of the many books lining the bookshelf of the library.

Ellie didn’t know how long she had been in the library. There were more books here than she had seen in her lifetime. There were books on philosophy, history, and religion. While Ellie was fascinated with the amount of information in front of her, she sought out a different type of book. She finally found the novels in a shelf toward the back of the room. Most of them were either fairy tales or the folktales of the area.

It was the one that was handwritten that finally caught her attention. Ellie opened the book to find that it wrote about the stories of the native tribes. The handwriting was clear and strong looking with heavy strokes. Ellie plopped herself down on the couch in the room and began to read. Before she knew it, the room started to grow dark and she let out a sad sigh. She was in the middle of a story about a large bear and how three brothers set out to hunt it.

“Do you need a candle?”

Ellie jumped, as she looked toward the doorway. To her confusion, Ratonhnhaké:ton backed away from the door toward the other side of the room. He looked…almost ashamed.

Instead of answering his question, she set her lips in a firm line and gave him a hard look, shoving away the empathetic feeling she felt earlier that day. This man is forcing you to stay here! He captured Robert, she reminded herself.

“How long have you been there?” she nonchalantly asked instead, marking her place in the book and setting it down on the coffee table.

“Not long.”

Ellie crossed her legs, looking away from him. Again, there was that sadness in his voice that made her feel sorry for him. She even heard it when she made her deal with him yesterday. An awkward, heavy silence overcame them. She thought about her revelation earlier. No one else lived in this house. Did this man do what he did because he was alone? Why were his eyes like that? Why did he have those markings? Was he truly bad? Ellie didn’t think he was evil or bad…she believed she wouldn’t feel empathetic toward him if he was. Deciding to get to the bottom of some of these questions, she mustered up the courage to finally speak.

“So, did you keep me here because you were lonely?” she finally asked.

She looked over at him and almost huffed out a laugh at the surprised look on his face.

The surprised look instantly disappeared. “No,” he growled, stalking toward the opposite side of the room.

Ellie tilted her head as she watched him move. The way he walked seemed more animal than human. Was he even human? Was she dealing with a monster like in the stories she read?

Another heavy silence overcame them and Ellie knew she wasn’t going to get more out of him. “I don’t bite. I’m willing to talk to you if you want to. We live together now, after all. You don’t have to be afraid,” she huffed, standing up.

She walked toward the door having the full intention of leaving the room. She squeaked in surprise when the door shut in front of her. How did he get there so fast?!

Ratonhnhaké:ton had somehow managed to cross the room before she walked three steps. And he did not look thrilled either. His whole demeanor reminded her of a bristling wolf. “What made you think I was afraid?”

Ellie’s knees felt like jam and it took all of her willpower to look braver than she was feeling. No, she wasn’t going to feel afraid. She refused to let this man intimidate her. She wasn’t going to live the rest of her life like that. Yes, he looked intimidating with his markings, eyes, and sheer size, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. She had dealt with Robert’s worst sailors; she can deal with this brute.

“You’re truly asking me this? You have hardly talked to me and you have stood at least three paces away from me the two times I have seen you,” she argued, poking his chest.

Their gazes met and Ellie refused to look away. Their stare down eventually ended with him looking away with a growl and stepping away from the door. “Good night,” he grumbled, opening the door and stepping out of the room.

Ellie sighed, wiping her sweaty palms off on her dress.

“What a beast,” she hissed.

Ratonhnhaké:ton, unfortunately, heard her little comment, even though he was down the hallway already. This was one of the downsides of the abilities he was cursed with. His senses were heightened and he could hear things normal humans could not. That meant he could hear everything she said after he left.

He berated himself for being foolish and getting angry at her. She was right, but it was not her he was afraid of. He was afraid of himself. What if he hurt her and ruined everything? What would happen if the beasts inside of him took control while he was around her?

Despite this, Ratonhnhaké:ton was feeling lighter inside. Ellie was different from any girl he had ever encountered before. Women were usually frightened of him due to his brutish looks. He scoffed inwardly at the thought. He was intimidating even before he drank the tea that cursed him.

Ellie had shown that she could stand up to him and challenge him even though she was afraid. Ratonhnhaké:ton could smell the fear rolling off of her earlier, yet she acted differently.

Ratonhnhaké:ton also realized that he would have to change if he wanted this curse to end. Yes, the powers were amazing, but it was not worth the fear he felt toward himself and for those around him. It was not worth the madness.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is when I will try harder, he finally decided.
Beauty and the Beast: Part 1
Here it is! The oneshot turned into a two part thing though. I twisted the power of the tea a little to fit the story, but I only added stuff. Didn't take anything away.

Part 1: Here
Beauty and the Beast: Part 2
HayZiio is bae by Silverwing100
HayZiio is bae
School and everything has been shit I drew some HayZiio for personal morale

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Always remember the compliments you've received.

Forget the rude remarks.

So if you are a loving friend, send this to 15 on your list including the person that sent it to you. If you care

at midnight
your true love
will realize
they like you.

Something good will happen to you between 12 in the morning

four o'clock pm


it could be anywhere . Get ready for the biggest

shock of your

If you break this chain YOU will be cursed with

relationship problems


the next ten years . Send this to fifteen people

in fifteen minutes !!

Make Someone else's day! Help get a smile on someone's face! Help someone out! remember that your loved

=Fight for you 
=Respect you
=Involve you
=Encourage you
=Need you 
eserve you 
=Save you
Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back u r likd but if u get 7 back then u r seriously loved
Piezelle Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist
random comment saying  that I finally started posting up my ac3 fic :iconsweatplz:
Silverwing100 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Send me a link? Good for you! Posting stuff is always fun ^^
Piezelle Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist… The first two chapters are old so I'm fixing them ^^;
xXDrawingFanXx Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
hi silverwing100!
i finally posted my first drawing of my oc character!!!
come check it out, tell me what u think of it in the comments!
Silverwing100 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Student General Artist
She looks cool, though the outfit seems kind of....out of datish for the time period Unity is in. I think she looks great though anyway
xXDrawingFanXx Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I was thinking about that too from the outfit, I'm trying to do more outfits for her,
And when I'm going to post it, u guys will vote.
Silverwing100 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Well, I would suggest looking up common styles for women and men at the time and creating a cross between the two. If you want an authentic 18th century look, that would be the best way to go. Also, try to create an outfit that is going to be realistic and would make sense depending on her occupation. That's just how I would do it though. 

What were you thinking exactly?
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13thefreerunner Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Keep up the good work :-)
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