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Hello! I'm Frankie. But, you can call me Silverwing or Frankie; either way is okay.

I am a college athlete that's living the dream. I am currently a Pre-Nursing major and an Art History minor. When I'm not crying over classes, I write and draw.

I hope you enjoy my art and writings and have a good experience visiting my gallery.

Current Residence: A house
Favourite genre of music: again, too many to choose from
Favourite style of art: Cartoon/Manga, Anime, Impressionism
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: Have Faith

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and here is a link to my tumblr where I post my art lovlies!
I just saw that I haven't updated this thing in almost 8 months.

Bad Frankie!

So, long story short, this year has been busy, stressful, emotionally trying, and amazing all at the same time and I guess updating this thing was the last thing on my mind.

I've gotten a new job, got my second niece, became a part time babysitter, and new games have come my way in the last 8 months and it's been hectic.

Anyway, you all don't want to hear about that. I changed my tumblr blog name! It's not I also created an ask blog for the Tomahawks and Briefcases characters! You can find it here

Well, Silverwing out!
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The Three Amigos by Silverwing100
The Three Amigos
Good Lord, The Book of Life is a beautiful movie and everyone should watch it now I love it so much. The design, music, and story were beautifully done and the characters are adorable and Maria is a feminist. What could be better?

Seriously, check it out.
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(Contains: strong language)
Maverick was still wondering why he said what he did the next day when they walked out into the pale morning light. I go where you go? What are you, a fucking dog? he asked himself, keeping a little distance between him and Leyah. He made sure to keep watching the horizon, feeling tense. Yao guai were known to live around here and he be damned if he let one sneak up on them.

To give her credit, she also had her head on a swivel as she kept on her toes as well. He saw how pink her face was getting and he sighed and reached into the side pocket of his pack. Pulling out the hat, he glanced at it and then back at her before letting out a shrill whistle. “Vaultie.”

Leyah turned and let out a gasp when the hat hit her face. She caught it before it could hit the ground and she stared at it.

Maverick kept walking. “It’s to keep your sunburn from getting worse.”

“Thanks Mav.”

“Quit calling me that.”

“I can call you what I want. We’re friends now.”

She caught up to him and Maverick gave her a hard look when she fell into step beside him. She returned his hard look with a soft grin, plopping the hat on her head. He stopped in his tracks and she stopped with him. They stared at each other for many moments before Maverick finally felt a grin creep up on his lips. “Friends, huh?”

“Yup. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Her grey-blue eyes held mirth in them as she gently punched his shoulder and kept walking, hitching her pack up higher as her pace picked up.

Maverick stared at her, wondering how the hell she could manage to be this happy after all that had happened to her. How do you keep smiling?

Deciding to ponder it another time, Maverick took his place behind her and kept moving.

Arlington library was just showing up on the horizon by the time the sun was high in the sky and Maverick was actually pleased with their progress. It wasn’t even 11 o’ clock and they were already halfway to their destination. If Leyah’s errand didn’t take too long, they could be at GNR before sundown.

His mood was also lightened because no Raiders had decided to ruin his day so far and the only things he and Leyah came across were the occasional radscorpion or mole rat.

Leyah’s lip stuck out in a small pout as she stared up at the tall building. “So this is the library, huh? I hope the archives are easy to get to.”

Maverick groaned. “Vaultie, don’t say that.”


“Because the opposite of what you say usually happens. Don’t jinx us.”

Leyah rolled her eyes and marched right up to the door. Maverick quickly stepped forward and rested a hand on her shoulder. “Let me go first. Raiders like buildings like this.”

Thankfully, she just nodded and stepped back instead of arguing, taking her rifle off her shoulder.

Maverick slowly opened the door, shotgun in hand and peered inside. What he saw made him want to run for the hills. It was too late to turn back when one of the men in the power armor raised his laser rifle. “Halt! Who are you?”


Maverick knew there was no point in running; there was most likely a patrol nearby so he raised his hands and kicked open the door the rest of the way. “Don’t be a smartass. I’ll talk,” he growled out of the corner of his mouth.

“Who is it?”

“The Brotherhood of Steel. Now, be quiet!”

He stiffened when he felt her small hand grab at his shirt.

“Maverick, seriously I-“

“We’ll get out of this if you let me talk. It’s going to be okay.” Their gazes met momentarily and she nodded, but her grip on his shirt tightened. A wave of protectiveness threatened to crush him as the action reminded him of when Rachel was younger and he was determined to get her out of this now. He doubted the Brotherhood even remembered him, but he was ready if need be.

They slowly walked forward and Maverick gave the Brotherhood of Steel Knight a hard glare. “Relax, we’re just travelers looking for stuff to scavenge. Nothing more.”

The Knight turned to the other Brotherhood members in the room. “It’s just civilians. Stand down.”

Maverick looked around the main room of the library and he stiffened. Most of the Brotherhood members in the room were not even Knights, they were Initiates. He could tell from the very way they stood and held their weapons. This was unacceptable.

Remembering that he had to keep his mouth shut and not make them angry, he stepped forward, following the Knight further into the room. Leyah’s grip on his shirt only tightened and he wondered if she even knew who the Brotherhood was.

His whole body tensed when he saw a familiar face striding toward them from behind the desk.

“Maverick?” Amanda Yearling gestured to all of the soldiers in the room. “Stand down, he’s more than a civilian.”

She finally reached Maverick and he was shocked when she held out her hand. “It’s good to see you again,” she said, grinning up at him.

The Knight stepped forward. “Scribe Yearling we-“

“Quiet,” she snapped, giving the Knight a hard look.

Maverick’s eyes widened. “Scribe now, huh?”

“Yeah, and Rach is a Paladin.”

Maverick’s heart clenched at the sound of his sister’s name. A small tug on his shirt suddenly reminded him that Leyah was standing right next to him.


“Mav, how do you know these people?”

Yearling gave her an incredulous look and Maverick wasn’t quick enough to stop her from saying, “He used to be a Sentinel among our men. He led the Lyon’s pride for years.”

Leyah couldn’t believe it. She knew Maverick had to have had formal training somewhere. She never expected it to be from the Brotherhood of Steel though. She didn’t know much about the group, but she knew they had power in the wasteland. Looking up at him with wide eyes, she exclaimed, “I knew it! I knew you were hiding something!”

“Yippee Vaultie, you discovered my dark secret.”

“You used to be part of the Brotherhood of Steel! It all makes sense now!”

Leyah was now waving her hands in excitement as a million questions started to spill out of her mouth. “Did you grow up with the Brotherhood or did you just join? What’s the Lyon’s Pride? Is Sentinel a really high rank? Is that why you know so much about-“

Maverick clamped a hand down on her mouth, leaning down to meet her at eye level. For some reason, her heart started to flutter at the contact. “I promise to answer some of those questions after we get your damn archives. Now shut up.”

Scribe Yearling’s gaze went from Maverick to Leyah and back to Maverick in disbelief as he pulled away. “Who is this Maverick?”

“I’m his friend,” Leyah quickly said. Maverick seemed to not want her to know more for some reason. “Leyah Hunter.”

She ignored Maverick’s groan and smiled at the woman.

“How did you meet Maverick?”

“Well, I was being chased by Raiders and he saved me. I also had a Rad-Cold and-“

Maverick’s heavy hand on her shoulder caused her to pause and look up at him. “Look, Amanda, long story short; I saved her ass and I’m helping her out with other stuff.” He gave her a warning look and Leyah opened her mouth to retort, but his eyes hardened even more and Leyah rolled her eyes.

Scribe Yearling was looking at them with an amused look. “Alright, what brings you two to Arlington?”

“I’d ask you the same thing,” Maverick answered, arching a brow.

Scribe Yearling then gave a long winded speech about how important Pre-war books were and how she was trying to find them. Leyah nodded and made positive noises when needed, but she was totally focused on something else. Why didn’t Maverick tell her about the Brotherhood of Steel? And, the more important question kept rising up in her mind.

Why wasn’t he with them anymore if he had such a high rank?

It took every ounce of Maverick’s willpower to keep from looking at Leyah. He knew she was curious and he also knew she would never leave him alone until he did tell her.

Deciding to finally get away from the members of the Brotherhood, Maverick finally cut in. “Scribe Yearling, where are the card catalogs and the archive?”

Scribe Yearling tapped her chin with a sigh. “Well, the card catalog can be accessed at the terminal at the desk. The archives are on the third floor. But, there’s one problem.”

Maverick tensed up. “What problem?”

Scribe Yearling actually looked sheepish. “Well, there are a group of Raiders that took over the library. We only just recently liberated this part of the building.”

Of course there were fucking Raiders.

He looked down at Leyah, who looked deep in thought now. “What do you say, Vaultie?”

Leyah’s brow furrowed as she thought about it before letting out a sigh. “Well…I wanted those archives. I was going to make a copy of them for myself so I could have all that information to use later on.”

Maverick’s eyes widened momentarily. Holy fuck. He never thought about using the archives that way. Then again, he didn’t have a –what did she call it?- Pip-Boy. He tapped her forearm. “You can get the archives on your doohickey here?”

“Of course.”

Turning toward the Knight that greeted them in the first place, he asked, “What’s the situation on the rest of the building?”

He gestured to Leyah and pointed toward the computer. She got the message and headed toward it for the card catalogs. Scribe Yearling followed behind.

The Knight scoffed. “I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to tell that information to civilians. It’s to keep you safe. I don’t care if you were a Sentinel or not.”

Maverick almost punched the tin man right in the face. “Look, Dick –can I call you Dick?- I don’t have time for that bullshit. Either you tell me now or I’ll just force one of your Initiates here to tell me instead. And let me tell you, that would be about as fun as dancing with a Centaur.”

He stepped closer to the Knight. “Well?”

Maverick could tell the man was rolling his eyes behind his helmet when he finally answered. Maybe it was the amount of sarcasm that was rolling off him that gave it away.

“Even if you did get up to the second floor, there are small groups of Raiders hiding on each floor in each wing. The main wing is compromised as well.”

“Give me numbers dammit, or do you even have those?”

“No, we don’t have those.”

“What type of Knight are you? Jesus Christ,” Maverick snapped, walking toward the small group of Initiates standing near the entryway toward the back of the library. Maybe the kids knew more than their supervisor.

The clicking of many different sets of power armor standing to attention rang throughout the hall and Maverick stared at the group of kids incredulously as one of them saluted. “What the-“

“My name is Initiate Johnson sir and my father served with you,” a slightly familiar voice said from the helmet.

Maverick blinked in surprise before narrowing his eyes at the Initiate in front of him. “Who’s your dad?”

“Paladin Ryan Johnson, sir. He retired from the Lyon’s Pride shortly after you were dismissed.”

Even though his stomach was curdling at the mention of being ‘dismissed’, Maverick couldn’t help but grin. Ryan Johnson was one of his closest friends in the Brotherhood. “Well Initiate Johnson, are you good at scouting? Your dad was the best damn scout I ever met.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I need your help then.”

Leyah mentally cheered when the card catalog finally downloaded to her Pip-boy. Looking around the room, she finally found Maverick’s tall frame standing near a bunch of Brotherhood men…or women. She couldn’t really tell with all that armor.

Slowly making her way over, she pondered how to get Maverick to tell her his story. She knew it had to be painful for him, and she didn’t want to upset him any more than he probably was. Biting her lip, she almost let out a sigh of defeat. She never was good at stuff like this.

“So is it true you were called the Lion of the Lyon’s Pride?”

“My dad told me so much about you.”

“Elder Lyons still mentions you sometimes you know.”

Leyah halted in her tracks and tried to listen in on the conversation.

“Shit, they told you about the Lion thing? I thought it was fuckin’ stupid to be honest,” Maverick grumbled.

One of the soldiers in front of him nodded vigorously. “Yeah, my dad said it was your nickname because of how you led the Pride. He also said you had the makings of being the next Elder or something.”

Maverick tilted his head back with a bark of laughter. “Your dad is full of crap, kid. I would have made the shittiest elder out there. As for the nickname bullshit, I never liked it and I better not hear you calling me that.”

Leyah decided it was finally time to make her presence known with a sly grin. “Lion of the Lyon’s Pride, huh? Maybe I can call you that instead of Mav,” she joked, walking up to his side.

His hard look and frown was enough to make her giggle. For some reason, she thought it was funny when he was irritated now.

“Call me either and you’ll really see how I think about that, Vaultie,” he growled, looking toward the soldiers again. “By the way, we’re in luck. These Initiates told us they would help us with our Raider problem. Think we can show them a thing or two?”

Leyah looked up at him with an incredulous look. “Are you sure? I’m sure we can wait it out until-“

“Vaultie, the Raiders are never going to leave because they know the Brotherhood wants this place and they love pissing people off. It’s now or never.”

Leyah sighed and looked at the Initiates. “Thank you for offering. I appreciate it,” she said, forcing a smile to her face. She really didn’t want to put anyone in danger.

Maverick grunted in approval and looked at the Initiates again. “Alright, so we’re going to use the Red method. I hope they still teach you that in training.”

Maverick loved using the Red method. It usually involved drawing the enemy out into a trap and heavy firing from their side. The Initiates were surprisingly competent and they followed his orders to the T. He was actually surprised at himself for remembering how to be a leader of a group like this.

It has been eight years after all.

About 20 minutes after they left the main hall, they all found themselves on the third floor and Leyah was in the process of downloading and copying the archives. There were no casualties on their side and there was plenty to scavenge from the Raiders’ supplies.

Maverick leaned on the wall next to the desk she was sitting at, watching the Initiates interact with each other on the other side of the room.

“Do you miss it?”

Maverick stared at Leyah for a moment before shrugging. Dammit, might as well get the tough questions out of the way. “It had its ups and downs. But, yeah, I miss it like hell.”

She studied him for a moment before grinning. “I can tell. You’re acting happier.”

Maverick arched a brow at her before pulling a cigarette out of his pocket. “I’m never happy, Vaultie.”

“You were when you talked to those guys,” she mentioned, gesturing to the Initiates.

For once, Maverick had no smart retort for her. Instead, he let out a soft bark of laughter before lighting his cigarette. Blowing out some smoke, he turned to her again. “Why aren’t you interrogating me about it right now?”

She shrugged and typed in more things on the terminal. “I decided I’d rather hear about it on your own terms.”

Maverick wanted to call her out on her bullshit, but a feeling in his gut told him that she really meant what she said and he usually trusted his gut. He stared at her for a moment, wondering what to make of the Vault Dweller. Maybe I was wrong about her, he thought. He thought she would do her normal prying and persistently try to get something out of him like she did in the past.


She whipped her head around and stared up at him in surprise before a broad grin spread on her lips. “Hey, you called me Leyah.”

“Yeah. So?”

“I knew it. You think we’re friends too.”

“Don’t push it, Vaultie.”

Her soft laugh was his only answer and Maverick was surprised to feel a warm feeling beginning to bloom in his chest because of the sound.

“Hey Vaultie, what Metro station gets us to Chevy Chase the fastest? I usually go to one up north but we don’t have time for that.”

Leyah grumbled as she scanned her Pip-boy map. A few of the settlers in Megaton were able to point out some metro entrances on her map, but that didn’t mean they were accurate. “Well, there’s the Farragut West station nearby. Moira told me to avoid that one though.”

Maverick gave her an incredulous look. “Why?”

“She said feral ghouls were down there and I don’t ever want to see one of those.”

He gave her a blank stare for a moment, halting in his tracks before snickers started to escape from his lips. “I hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t matter what part of the Metro you’re in. You’re going to see feral ghouls, Super Mutants, or some shit like that.”

Leyah let out a groan, letting her shoulders sag a little. She had seen pictures people had drawn of feral ghouls, and Gob had explained the process a little when she had asked about it. She also wanted to avoid the Metros for one, particular big reason.

“Are you sure we can’t get into the city without the Metro?”

Maverick gave her a look that said ‘Seriously?’


“Vaultie, you’re not telling me something.”

“I just don’t see the point if there is a better way.”

Maverick halted in his tracks, putting his hands on his hips. Leyah could see him bite the inside of his cheek in irritation. “You went in a Metro alone, didn’t you?”

Leyah shrugged sheepishly. After dealing with the fire ant problem in Grayditch, Leyah never wanted to see a metro tunnel or an ant ever again.

“Do you remember one of the first things I told you?”

Letting out a sigh, Leyah looked up to meet his hard, even gaze. “There is always going to be danger, the difference is whether you learn to face them head on or die in a piss puddle,” she quoted, arching a brow. She crossed her arms before adding, “Eloquent as always.”

“What would you have remembered better; the piss puddle or a long winded speech?”

Leyah opened her mouth to argue, but her voice died in her throat. She hated it when he was right.

Maverick snorted, resting his shot gun on his shoulder. He started to walk toward the Arlington metro entrance. “You gotta admit it, Vaultie. I know my shit.”

Leyah pouted, jogging to catch up with his long strides. “Yeah, teaching all those Initiates and keeping Knights in check helped out a lot didn’t it?”

“You’re fucking hilarious.”

They made it to the entrance and Leyah had to literally gulp down the lump that was forming in her throat to breathe. Fear seemed to be spreading throughout her chest like radiation and started to make her feel heavy.

Maverick gently elbowed her before making his way down the stairs. He paused halfway and looked up at her. “You coming or what? I thought you wanted to find your dad, not stand out here.”

Right, Dad. I need to find Dad. Get a grip!

Leyah took a deep breath, remembering her and Maverick’s run in with the Raiders at RobCo. Just focus on how calm he is. Just focus on him, Leyah.

She quickly went down the steps, zeroing her eyes on Maverick’s broad back. The armor on his shoulders gleamed dully in the sunlight and the ammo belt he wore would occasionally click as they made their way down the steps.

Maverick stopped in his tracks at the grated entrance, turning around and looking down at her. Leyah looked up to meet his eyes, craning her neck. She had stopped right behind him and she could feel her cheeks flush from their close proximity. She could feel the heat radiating of his body and mentally slapped herself. It was just Maverick. Why was she reacting this way?

“Remember to always look the opposite direction I’m looking and try to stay as quiet as possible. Do you have plenty of mines?”

Leyah reached around and pulled the small sack she had out of her bag. “I don’t have many,” she mentioned, suddenly feeling incompetent. She also wondered why she was so afraid of his disapproval now.

“That’s fine, we can work around that.”

He turned again and opened the door. Cocking his shotgun, he grinned at her over his shoulder. “Let’s kick ass, Vaultie.”

It was funny how those words made her feel less scared.
Korra blinked in shock as she looked out at the sea. “Do these groups still exist?”

Sitka grinned. “The Heiwa eventually became the White Lotus. The Niyama never truly lasted past Avatar Washi. He was a few centuries past my time. He made it his personal mission to stop them for good.”

Korra sighed and looked up at the sky. “So you were basically born into this secret conflict? How many Avatars were like you?”

Sitka hummed in thought as he looked up as well. “Well, there was Avatar Makya, from the Air Nomads. Then there was Avatar Garuda of the Fire Nation, my predecessor, Avatar Malai, me, and then Avatar Washi of the Earth Kingdom.”

“Do you think I can talk to them sometime? I think you all dealt with something I will have to deal with soon.”

“What? A secret organization focused on uprooting the power of the world into their hands and destroying the Avatar in the process? I don’t think they did.”

Korra arched a brow at the tall Avatar. “Was that sarcasm? I didn’t pin you as a sarcastic guy.”

Sitka shrugged. “I have my moments. They mostly came out around my father or people that just pissed me off.”

“So,” Korra continued, scooting closer to him, “what was the training like?”

The smile on Sitka’s face told her all she needed to know. The rewards from training caused that smile.

“It was the hardest yet most thrilling part of my life at the time. I learned how to climb, run, and even fall swiftly and efficiently. Nunuq showed me how to fight without waterbending and he showed me many things I did not even know I could do with my bending. It broke me mentally and physically, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.”

“No no no! You must keep your stance firm if you want that technique to work!”

The sixteen year old boy grit his teeth, biting back a sharp retort as he readjusted his stance and tried the new technique again. The technique was a different version of the octopus that Nunuq called the octopus-eel. It basically focused more on attack than defense and it honestly wasn’t that hard.

“Go faster boy! This technique was made for taking out your enemy quickly and without a mess and you’re doing neither right now.”

Sitka finally grit his teeth and threw the water as a large spike toward the cliff wall, spinning toward the old master. “I’m never good enough for you am I?!”

“Nobody is.”

“It’s always ‘You’re not talented enough Sitka,’ ‘You’re never going to stop Niyama members with that stance Sitka,’ or ‘Boy, you are an idiot.’ What do I have to do?!”

“You insolent-“

Nunuq’s words died when a thundering crack sounded throughout the cliff top. The Master whirled around toward where Sitka threw his ice. A large crack was forming in the rock and another loud ‘pop’ sounded out as it grew bigger.

Sitka’s heart started to race as dread and fear overcame him.

Nunuq turned toward him with a low growl. “See what you did?! I never called you an idiot like you just accused but I’m going to do that now. A seal-turtle has more brains than you! Now run!”

The cracking sounds started to come at a more rapid pace and the two waterbenders quickly made their way toward the top of the waterfall.

Sitka glanced over his shoulder to see Nunuq having trouble keeping up. The old man was barely able to lope along with his cane and the cliff was starting to fall around them. Sitka skidded in the snow and ran back toward the master, bending water from the river and the ground as he went. “Go!”

“You idiot! Keep running!”

Sitka didn’t listen and got into the octopus-eel stance, slicing as many boulders as he could. The ground beneath him was starting to shake and his feet started to slip in the snow. He glanced over his shoulder to see the old man start to bend his way down the water fall. He got out of the stance and started to sprint his way toward the cliff edge.

The water had stopped flowing as more boulders blocked the river and Sitka skidded to a halt at the edge. The drop had to be about 100 feet and Sitka knew he wouldn’t be able to bend enough water to soften his fall at the bottom. He turned back around to see the rest of the cliff crumble away and a huge wave of snow and rock came barreling down.

He turned toward it and got ready to bend as much snow as he could away. I might be able to glide with the snow on its way down, but it will be risky.

Sitka never got to put his plan into action because a particularly large rock managed to smash into his head. He fell to the ground and his vision started to become blurry as the wave got closer and closer. A faint ringing settled in his ears and he tried to shake it away.  No…I can’t die here.

And you won’t, a woman’s voice said in his head.

A rush of energy suddenly came over Sitka and the pain in his head became nonexistent. The wind started to whip around him and there was a sudden shift in the air. His body started to move on its own. The way the avalanche slowly stopped seemed almost like a dream. Sitka changed his stance and he suddenly recognized the fact that he was using the various earthbending techniques Nunuq taught him to fight against.

Sitka kept bending until the avalanche was at a full stop and he felt himself jump off the edge of the remaining cliff and was surprised when he easily floated down. I’m…airbending?

As soon as his feet touched the bottom, all of the energy left him and he collapsed to his knees. Nunuq stood over him with a shocked look on his face. That last thing Sitka heard was, “You’re the Avatar.”

Then his world turned dark.

Sitka’s whole body hurt when he woke up.

He knew he wasn’t dead because he didn’t think someone would feel like this as a spirit.

“Welcome back to the world of the living.”

Sitka looked around and saw that he was in a cave. Nunuq was sitting next to him and his hands were surrounded by glowing water. Nunuq bent the water away and put his hands in his lap.

“What happened?” Sitka asked, slowly sitting up. He brought a hand to his hand and rubbed at the place he remembered the rock hitting. Everything else after that was a blur.

“You went into the Avatar State and stopped the avalanche you caused. I always thought that there was something about you that seemed different. I was planning on taking you to the other Heiwa masters to see what they thought, but it seems we don’t need to now.”

Sitka’s eyes widened. “What?! No, I can’t be the Avatar!”

“You earthbended and airbended. There’s no denying it, boy.”

“B-but I can’t! I have my own goals! I want to protect my village and what if I can’t do that and be the Avatar at the same time? I-“

“Tui and La, that’s why you don’t want to be the Avatar? Just because you’ll have to put everyone else’s well being before your goals? I didn’t take you as selfish.”

Nunuq’s words were hit him like that rock did. Wait, if he was the Avatar…he could stop the North and the Niyama at the same time. That meant he could protect the South and help create peace between the tribes. He wouldn’t just be a grunt in the background like he thought he was going to be.

“I can see that you have realized what this means for you and your silly goals. You always just wanted to help, Sitka. You just wanted to protect your tribe and innocent people, and that is what the Avatar does. Protect innocent people and keep the peace. You will have a hard journey in front of you. The Niyama want the conflict with the North and South to happen. You had the heart needed to help stop it before, but now you have the means.”

Sitka clenched his fists and looked up at his master. “You wouldn’t have kept training me if you didn’t think I was the Avatar, right?”

Nunuq sighed. “When I still lived in the village, I had my suspicions when I saw you. So, yes. I believed you could have been the Avatar for some time now.” The old man paused and settled a hand on Sitka’s shoulder. “Sitka, now is not the time to worry about why I trained you or why not. I believe you’re a waterbending master. You must continue your training as the Avatar now.”

Sitka’s spirits suddenly lifted. He loved learning, and now he got to do it tenfold as the Avatar. They lowered again as another thought crossed his mind. He didn’t know if he could do this without Nunuq with him.

“Don’t worry boy, I’m coming with you. I’m going to take you to Heiwa masters, so they can teach you our way of bending. I will also help you learn about the cultures of the world.”

Sitka stared at the old man in shock before a small grin settled on his lips. How the old man could read his mind, he never will know.

“That’s one way to find out,” Korra mused, flicking a pebble off of the boulder and into the water below.

“Yes, I felt foolish afterwards, since I caused the avalanche out of bratty anger,” Sitka admitted, rubbing the back of his head. “I tried to make it up to Nunuq after that. When we returned from my Avatar training two years later, I cleared that area and helped him build a new hut before carrying out my duties in the South. He teased me about it til the day he died.”

Korra brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. “So what was Avatar training like with the Heiwa?”

“It was terrifying for me to be in the middle of new cultures, but I loved that I was learning so much. Earthbending was the easiest for me. I was able to master it in almost no time at all. Firebending….didn’t go as well. Airbending was a little challenging but I eventually got the hang of it.”

Korra blinked in shock. Firebending was the easiest for her to master after waterbending. Then again, every Avatar was different. It took losing her bending to unlock her airbending after all.

“I know I know. How can firebending be hard? Take a deep breath and punch the air,” Sitka said with a knowing grin.

“What was so hard about it?”

Sitka crossed his arms and looked out at the ocean. “I saw what fire could do when my village was destroyed. It honestly terrified me. I didn’t like the idea of being in control of something I believed was so dangerous.”

They both stared out at the rolling waves for many moments.

“I finally realized it can be beautiful and that it was just like the other elements after seeing a Sun Festival in the Fire Nation. Every element has its beauty, but they also have their ugly, dangerous sides we don’t often think about,” he said, looking up at the sky.

“I learned about all the other forms of each type of bending. Bloodbending horrified me and I made it a personal mission to make it scarce after the war. Lavabending is something that always fascinated me, but I could never learn it. Lightningbending, on the other hand just…made sense.”

Korra beamed up at him. “You could lightningbend? I never could figure that out.”

Sitka grinned. “I loved it. It was easy for me to sense the energy in the air and I wasn’t an emotional person to begin with so I could make myself calm without trying.”

“That was something I was never good at,” Korra admitted sheepishly.

“You were not the first Avatar, I can guarantee that, Korra.”

“So…what was going on in the Tribes while you were gone?”

Sitka looked up at the brilliant lights in the sky. “The original Southerners were growing restless with the increasing power the North had. They were getting to the point where they were fighting over the tiniest things. Which is where my father and his group came in.”

Sitka looked out over the large city the Northerners had managed to build on the coast. Since he lived inland most of his life, Sitka had never known that these cities were here. It angered and fascinated him at the same time. Heiwa spies in every city had revealed that the Northern colonists that lived in those cities were just as disgruntled about the Northern Tribe as the Southern tribes were.

Nunuq had advised that Sitka keep the fact he was the Avatar a secret when he traveled in the cities and Sitka had to agree with the man. Keeping his true identity a secret would make finding the members of the Niyama easier and their extermination would be swifter because of that.

The only thing the Heiwa members knew was that the Avatar has returned and that he was on their side. Only his mentors knew he was the Avatar at the moment and it would have to stay that way for some time.

A gentle nudge to his arm caused him to glance over at his new best friend, Ila. He and Nunuq had happened upon a small wolf cub on their journey back from the coast and Sitka took pity on her.

The cub immediately took to him and Sitka never regretted helping her. The wolf now was as tall as his hip and by the size of her paws, she was only going to get bigger.

Sitka ruffled the wolf’s thick silver pelt. “Let’s go girl.”

He glided down the slope toward the city of Tinaka. He reached the outer gate and Ila stopped beside him, panting heavily. Sitka pulled his dark blue, white fur lined hood down farther and made his way toward the gate. It was moments like this where he wished he wasn’t so tall and broad. It made him too easily recognizable. Not to mention Ila wasn’t the average animal people had at their side.

Then again, his hood probably didn’t help. He tried to keep his allegiance to the Heiwa as discreet as possible by only wearing their insignia on his left hidden blade and on his leather belt. The black sash he wore underneath the belt whipped around as the frigid sea breeze blew through him. His robe was longer than the typical water tribe coat as well.

But, Nunuq told him that every Heiwa warrior wore something similar to this and he wasn’t going to break tradition anytime soon.

He held up the flint token every person needed to get in the city and the guards gestured for him to move along. Sitka pocketed the token with a curled lip. If anyone wanted to get into any city controlled by the North, they had to have the token with the Chief’s face on it to get in. Yet another way for the North to control everyone.

Sitka stayed in the various alleys and shadowed spots of the streets, hoping to be as inconspicuous as Nunuq taught him to be. Luckily, no one gave him a second glance and he was able to make it to the Heiwa hideout in the city.

“Stay here girl,” he gently commanded, giving the wolf a heavy pet. Ila whined a little, but she faithfully sat next to the door. He stepped into the merchant shop and held up his bracer with the group’s symbol as he reached the counter.

The merchant gestured toward the back and Sitka made his way toward it.

He stepped into the back room and the merchant was right behind him. “I take it you’re the boy Nunuq sent?”

“I am.”

“Well, just like us, the Niyama have men of every nationality. One of Tulok’s personal followers, Ling of the Fire Nation, is hiding somewhere in the city. We do not know where he is staying exactly, but he is one of the Fire Nation’s elite. He might be in upper part of the city.”

The man held out a small scroll. “These are the names of the men who want to rebel against the North. There have been whispers of sabotaging the latest shipment to the army, but we are not for certain. I suggest starting there, since Ling is helping fund the Niyama forces in the Northern army. I am sorry we could not do more.”

Sitka shook his head. “Do not apologize. What you have done is more than enough. Leave the rest to me.”

He bowed down toward the man before making his way toward the shop door. The Avatar let out a shrill whistle before walking through the alley. Ila was by his side in no time and Sitka took a deep breath before looking at the names on the scroll. All of these men were Northern colonists…men who wanted to take his tribe’s land.

Sitka quickly shook the thought out of his head. He was the Avatar, he couldn’t think that way. These people were being oppressed by the North just as much as his people were. The Northern Water Tribe’s presence in the South Pole had slowly become more and more controlling over the years and it has gotten to the point to where even the Northern colonists were unhappy with the way their tribe was being ruled.

And it was his duty to help stop them and make sure the South Pole became independent from the North.

On his travels around the world, Sitka was able to see how the over governments in the nations worked and how they viewed the waterbenders. Many believed that they should work together as one nation. Others believed they should be two separate nations.

Sitka was not sure how he was going to fix the problem here yet, but he knew one thing. The North and South would never work as one nation. There were too many differences between them. Even the way they bent water was different.

Perhaps the spirits could help him come to a decision. Sitka had asked many of his teachers about the voice he heard when he first went into the Avatar state. He had not heard it since them, but he knew he wasn’t delirious when he heard her.

Even the Air Nomads were puzzled about it.

Sitka let his thoughts wander as he made his way toward the district the disgruntled colonists were in. His robes whipped around his legs as a large gust of wind whipped through the current alley he was in.

He was now in the district the poorer people lived in and he checked the name on the scroll one more time before stepping out into the open. One man was standing in front of his house, bending what looked to be waste water toward the back of his home.

“Excuse me,” Sitka said quietly, walking toward him.

The man did a double take before flinging the water away. “Can I help you?”

“I am looking for a man named Imnek. Does he live nearby?”

The man scoffed and jerked his thumb toward a house nearby. “Yeah, he lives nearby. But don’t get involved with him kid. The troops don’t like him too much.”

Sitka nodded his thanks and started to walk toward the house. Imnek sounded like just the man he needed.

He knocked on the door and looked around warily. Niyama spies were everywhere and he couldn’t take chances before he even got started.

The door opened and a middle aged man with a high wolf tail narrowed his eyes suspiciously at him. “What do you want?”

“I heard you were someone to talk to about the troops,” Sitka said lowly, hoping the man got his hint.

The man’s eyes looked him up and down and he shrugged. “Come in.”

He shuffled further into his home before turning toward Sitka. “Alright, do you want in or not kid? We plan on striking tonight and Imnek doesn’t wait for answers,” the man said immediately. He stepped over to his table and sat on the floor, gesturing to the spot across from him.

“What are you doing exactly?” Sitka asked, sitting down as well. Ila laid down next to him.

“Those bastards from the North keep sending more troops and supplies. They’re trying to strengthen their hold around us. Well, we say no to that! We are becoming our own tribe and we need to strike back! If the Avatar won’t help us, we have to help ourselves. Now, they just got a shipment of supplies from the Fire Nation.”

Sitka nodded. “I want to help, I truly do, but I was hoping you could point me toward a man named Ling from the Fire Nation. He might be behind the supplies coming from the Fire Nation.”

Imnek frowned. “What do you want with him?”

Sitka held back a sigh. “This man is conspiring with the Northern army and his intentions for the South are not honorable. I plan to stop him. With him gone, your plans will be much easier to carry out and you can focus more on the Northern troops themselves.”

Imnek narrowed his eyes and gave Sitka a suspicious look. “Why do you care boy? What’s your stake in all of this?”

“The North wants to destroy any who oppose them. My tribe is one of them,” Sitka explained. He was still chuckling inside about the ‘Avatar not wanting to help’ bit from the man.

Imnek scratched his head before giving Sitka another stern look. “And how do I know that you’ll stand a chance against a well-guarded firebender?”

“You don’t.”

The man grumbled a little before letting out a long sigh. “Alright kid, here’s the plan. I know who this Ling person is. He lives in one of the houses near the docks and conducts his business there. If you follow us there and help us, we’ll lead you straight to him.”

Well, it was better than nothing. Destroying some supplies shouldn’t take too long.


“Meet us at Kesuk Bridge at dawn.”

Tinaka’s design mimicked the main Northern city’s design. The city was bent to go with the shape of the bay it sat in and the many homes there were bent into the shape of either an igloo or a square. The way the houses were stacked on each other reminded Sitka of the toy blocks he saw in the Earth Kingdom.

Blocks upon blocks stacked on each other to save as much space as possible.

He couldn’t imagine living in one of those homes. He preferred the openness of his village and the privacy of his hut. Not being stuffed into a small box.

Then again, the people living here seemed okay with it so he decided to stop thinking about it.

He stood on the bridge and watched the water run sluggishly beneath him. He leaned on the railing and waved his hand a little, speeding the flow for a moment.

“So, you actually showed up?”

Sitka looked to see Imnek walking toward him with a small group of men and women. They all held masks in their hands and their coat hoods were pulled over their heads.

“I did. What is the plan?”

“Half of us are going to take care of the guards while the others dump the supplies overboard. Which group do you want to help?”

Sitka held back an eye roll. This was going to be a bigger hassle than he thought it would be. None of these people looked like fighters. “I will help with the guards.”

The group started to make their way toward the docks and Sitka had to fight the urge to use airbending to get there faster. Only using one element now was going to be harder than he thought.

They finally made it to the docks and Sitka peered from behind a corner. Five guards were standing on both sides of the ship and more were patrolling nearby. Sitka’s lip curled when he saw the Niyama’s insignia on some of the men’s belts. The red and black cross was as sinister as ever.

“What are we going to do?! There’s too many,” one woman hissed.

Sitka didn’t even answer. He just attacked. He sprinted from behind the corner and bent ice around the patrolling guards’ ankles. Before the men could react, Sitka had them sailing into the frigid sea. He bent more ice around them to keep them there and continued onto the next group of men.

He easily deflected the spikes of ice sailing toward him and smirked a little. He slid his booted foot across the ground a little, earthbending the ground beneath the snow. The guards yelped in surprise when the moving earth caused them to stumble and Sitka ran forward.

Chi blocking was the hardest thing for Sitka to master, but it was his favorite form of fighting without the elements. It always took people by surprise and it always gave him an edge.

Soon, the other five guards were down. The others were able to deal with the rest of the guards on the far side of the ship.

Imnek jogged over to him, his eyes wide with wonder. “How did you do that?”

Sitka gestured toward the ship. “Never mind that. Let’s take care of the supplies.”

The young Avatar had thought long and hard about whether it should truly be his duty to take care of the Niyama members. Shouldn’t he be more focused on dispelling the problems here rather than going after five men?

Taking away a form of investment for the Niyama was going to be his last duty on his Heiwa mission. He didn’t care what Nunuq was going to say.

The waterbenders didn’t waste time throwing anything they could into the harbor. Soon, the water was littered with various crates and pieces of cloth.

Imnek nudged Sitka’s shoulder, holding out a crate for him. “We saved the last for you. We never would have gotten past those soldiers.”

Sitka looked up and happened to see Ling standing a few docks away. The Fire Nation aristocrat looked enraged and the man from the North, Nartok, stood next to him looking just as angry. A cold rage suddenly filled Sitka when he remembered how his mother died. She died with many burn wounds on her skin and many pieces of ice had impaled her.

His grip on the crate tightened as he glared over at the two men.

He had been so caught up in his Avatar training that he forgot why he even started training with Nunuq in the first place.

Wasn’t it to stop men like them from killing anyone else?

Sitka suddenly didn’t give a flying monkeyfeather about being the Avatar.

Ling and Nartok were going to pay. He moved into the stance to airbend the crate over to Ling so it would hit him in the face, but a calm voice entered his mind.

You do not want to do this, Sitka. Do not give in to hate.

Sitka’s eyes widened as an intense shiver ran down his spine. The voice, he hadn’t heard it in years, but there it was. She was right, though. Her calm tone had managed to melt away the rage inside him.

No, he couldn’t take care of the two weaselbats in the open like this. It would be against the brotherhood and it was not how he wanted to be the Avatar either.

Instead, Sitka marched over to the edge of the dock, looked the men in the eyes, and dropped the crate into the ocean.

Nunuq was enraged with him, as Sitka expected. The old man didn’t hesitate to remind him that the Niyama members must be ‘assassinated’ not left alive to ‘witness the actions of a brat.’

Sitka started to create his next plan as soon as he left Tinaka. Ling was still going to be there as far as he knew, but the problem was that now they knew the Heiwa were on their tails.

Unfortunately, the Niyama didn’t allow him to make the next move.

A heavy knocking on Nunuq’s door caused both teacher and student to look up in puzzlement. Ila didn’t growl or even move. Sitka stood and opened the door, surprised to see his best friend, Ukik, standing in front of him.

“Ukik, why are you here?” he asked, stepping out of the way so his friend could step in.

“Bad news. A man from the North is attempting to take the land our village stands on for the Northern Tribe,” Ukik spat. The young waterbender started to pace in the small hut.

Sitka’s stomach dropped. “What is this man’s name?”


Sitka’s blood started to boil at the mention of the man’s name. “Tell me the Chief and the Elders are against this!”

“They are going to negotiate with one of Nartok’s men now. It doesn’t look good brother.”

Nunuq barked out a laugh. “What did I tell you, boy? You must take care of them the way I taught you to, not piddle around and spare people.”

Sitka growled in frustration and stepped out of the cabin, Ila followed on his heels. “Follow me Ukik, try to buy me time. I’ll take care of Nartok’s man.”

Ukik nodded, causing his braids to bob with the action. “I’ll try brother.”

The two young men bent their way down the waterfall and Ila made her way down the path Sitka bent for her.

Sitka glided across the snow and eventually veered away from his friend. Knowing his tribe, they would meet at their most sacred ground for a matter such as this.

He silently apologized to the spirits for what he was about to do.

Ila easily kept up with him as he increased his speed. Sitka couldn’t help but grin at her, despite the situation. He had believed that the Avatar always having an animal companion was just another tall tale about the Avatar. He was never so glad to be wrong.

He stopped at the cliff overlooking the sacred ground, narrowing his eyes as he looked down at what was happening.

Sure enough, Ling was standing in the middle, looking like he was trying to negotiate with the Elders and Chief Akiak.

“Look, the North is slowly gaining more control on this continent. Wouldn’t it be wise to join a larger cause rather than fight against the inevitable? The two poles will become one and it will be for the best.”

“Why do you want this land? What purpose would a firebender have for it?” one of the old women asked.

Ling smiled charismatically. Sitka felt sick from looking at the firebender’s long face with that look on it. “We believe your land has a special place in it that my benefactor is interested in. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Sitka’s eyes widened at that. A special place in his tribe’s territory? That’s what the Niyama wanted?

“We do not care for that. We don’t want your gold or goods,” Chief Akiak replied, slowly standing up. He stepped forward and got in Ling’s face. “We are not here to negotiate. We are here to tell you to leave this land. Do you think we do not remember what you and your kind did?”

Sitka was surprised any of the villagers saw the Niyama. From his investigation, only he and his mother had seen the men. The other things they did to his village were from a distance.

“Very well, I offered a peaceful way out, but you leave me no choice.”

Many men suddenly stepped from the trees, surrounding the Elders.

“Are you threatening us?”

Ling’s mouth turned down into a hard frown. “Yes.”

Sitka pulled up his mask. He was tired of watching.

He leaped off the cliff, falling about 20 feet toward the firebender. Unfortunately, one of Ling’s guards noticed and his breath was knocked out of him when a slab of ice knocked him to the ground.

Sitka quickly got to his feet and used earthbending to block the other attacks. He stood back and bent slabs from his shield toward the guards. They obviously didn’t expect him to earthbend, giving him a slight edge.

Sitka glided on the snow around the remainder of his shield and propelled himself toward Ling.

The firebender got into an overly familiar stance and Sitka was barely able to dodge when a bolt of lightning hit the ground right where he was standing.

“I didn’t expect a water tribe Heiwa to be an earthbender. You’re kind are pathetic. At least we don’t lower ourselves to blend in,” Ling sneered, throwing a flame at Sitka.

Sitka didn’t respond and just deflected the flame. Ling’s eyes widened and Sitka could see his face pale.

“What? Stop him!”

The warriors from his tribe that came with the Elders were successfully holding the guards off, but the guards were quick to come toward Sitka instead.

Sitka bent the earth below him and let the ground swallow him up. He bent forward a few steps before propelling himself up to the surface again. Ling let out a shrill yelp when Sitka appeared behind him. Sitka hit his legs with a blast of air before leaping forward, flicking his wrist.

Sitka stilled his blade at Ling’s bearded throat. “What is this place you spoke of? What does the North want with the South?” Sitka snarled, grabbing the man’s collar with a shake.

Ling didn’t reply. He only spat in Sitka’s face.

Sitka knew he wasn’t going to get any information with this method.

It was over in an instant.

Sitka quickly reached into the man’s pockets and took whatever he could before airbending himself up onto the cliff again.

Instead of many questions being answered with the deed, Sitka only gained hundreds more.
The Wolf of the South: Chapter 2
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(Contains: sexual themes)
This was one of the few times Ellie felt completely out of place and awkward in her life.

She had ridden alone with Mr. Kenway in his car before, but this time was way more awkward. He had at least talked to her the other times she did. Now, the silence was just plain weird.

They were heading down to Connor’s first home game of the season and Ellie’s poor bug broke down a few days before, which led to her reaching out to Mr. Kenway for a ride until it got fixed.

He seemed tense, for some odd reason.

“Is everything alright, Miss Johnston?” he suddenly asked, glancing at her out of the corner of his eye.

Ellie jumped a little before managing to put a smile on her face. “Y-yeah! Everything’s okay.”


“Uh, yeah?” Ellie was confused. What did he mean by that? Did he think she should have a reason to not be okay?

“I just heard that you have just made a huge decision. Connor was going mental when he did.”

“So you expected me to be the same way?” Ellie laughed, thinking about how much Connor worried when he was choosing a school.


“Nah, you don’t have to worry about me Mr. Kenway. I got it all sorted out. I’m going to talk to the track coach before the game actually.”

“So that’s why you wanted to come early?”


Mr. Kenway grinned and focused fully on the road again. Despite the light hearted conversation, he still seemed tense.

They finally made it to the campus and Mr. Kenway dropped her off in front of the building the track coach’s office was in. “I’ll wait out here. Take your time,” he said, opening the door for her.

“Thanks, I’ll try not to take too long,” she replied with a grateful grin.

He waved it off and got back into the car as Ellie walked toward the building.

“Here goes,” she whispered, walking inside.

It was the bottom of the last inning and Connor’s hands were almost trembling as he stood on deck. They were behind one run and Saint Rose had one runner on third and there was one out. The whole game depended on Jack’s hitting and Connor’s at-bat.

Connor had played the whole second game and his nerves were shot. They barely scraped by the first game and everyone was snappy and on edge the second game.

Deciding not to think about that, Connor focused on what he was going to do and only on what he was going to do.

His heart rate wouldn’t go down, though.

A soft, bell like laugh happened to reach his ears over the sound of the small crowd, and he couldn’t help but sneak a glance over at Ellie.

He watched her talk to Myriam for a few moments and found himself relaxing while doing so. She finally looked at him and she gave him a beaming grin with a thumbs up. He couldn’t help but grin back before he focused on the game again.

The umpire called ‘strike three’ and Connor’s heart sunk. Now there were two outs with the tying run on third, and he was up to bat.

He took a deep breath and approached the box. He cleared his mind and raised his bat, staring down the pitcher. I’m not going to let you win, he growled to himself, tightening his grip on the bat.

He kept repeating the mantra even after 5 pitches.

Connor honestly hated full counts, but the pressure helped him hit better. Time seemed to slow down as the ball left the pitcher’s fingertips. The ball slowly rotated through the air and Connor didn’t hold back. He swung as hard as he could and felt a surge of satisfaction when he felt the ball connect with the bat.

He took off at a dead sprint toward 1st and didn’t even wait for his coach to tell him to go to 2nd. Rounding the base, he looked up with a grin to see that the tying run had scored.

He searched the crowd for Ellie again as he stood on 2nd, waiting for the next batter.

Connor’s eyes met hers and his heart started to thud in his chest when he saw how happy she was.

Damn, he was lucky.

Ellie stood near Saint Rose’s dugout with Myriam, patiently waiting for Connor. Rocking back on her heels, she glanced over at Mr. Kenway, who was leaning up against the chain link fence nearby.

“I still can’t believe that’s his dad! Dads aren’t supposed to be attractive,” Myriam sarcastically commented, playfully elbowing Ellie.

“Connor got it from somewhere I guess. His mom was pretty too,” Ellie mused aloud, giving Myriam a teasing look.

Connor finally walked out of the dugout and Ellie didn’t hesitate to run up and give him a huge hug. Normally, the dirt and sweat would have bothered her, but she couldn’t find the gumption to care at the moment.

She ignored the wolf whistles from some of the other boys and gave him a peck. “You were great,” she whispered in his ear before stepping away.

He cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck with a small grin. “Nia:wen.” Then, he surprised her by wrapping his arms around her. “I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear you decided to come here next year.”

Ellie looked up at him with wide eyes before grinning from ear to ear. “Well, someone has to help you keep Desmond in line,” she teased.

“Hey! I heard that!”

Ellie looked to see that Desmond just walked out of the dugout with a broad grin.

“And I can keep myself in line thank you very much,” he declared, walking past the couple toward the parking lot.

The soft, breathy chuckle Ellie loved so much reached her ears and she looked back up at her boyfriend. She stepped away and reached for his hand. “I have other good news.”

“And that is?” he asked, walking toward his dad with her.

“I talked to one of the track coaches before the game.”

Connor halted in his tracks and looked down at her. “What did they say?”

“He said that he would come to the state track meet. So, if I make it there again, I might have a chance to get a scholarship here.”

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed. “You’ll get it. I know you will.”

They eventually made it over to Mr. Kenway. “I take it you told him the good news?” Mr. Kenway asked, stepping away from the fence he was leaning on.

“She did,” Connor answered.

“Well, now that’s out of the way. May I borrow him for a moment, Miss Johnston?”

Ellie glanced at both of them before shrugging. “Of course. I’ll be by the car.”

She wondered if this conversation was the reason why Mr. Kenway was tense the whole ride down.

Connor had to literally force himself to look away from Ellie. He missed her more than he thought he did.

But, there was something in his father’s tone that suggested no distractions.

“I…” Haytham cleared his throat. “I spoke with your grandmother.”

“Grandma Tessa? How is she? Is she okay?”

Worry started to fill Connor. Tessa had not been given good results from her last hospital visit and it left everyone on edge around Christmas. Her femur was getting weaker, despite the fact that it healed from her last fall. Connor refused to let her pick up anything when they visited their house.

“She’s fine. I was talking about your other grandmother.”

Connor’s eyes widened. “You…talked to Ahkso? Why?”

Haytham sighed, tucking his hands in his jacket pocket. “Well, you suggested it at some point and I didn’t want to be a coward. And I thought it would give me some closure.”

Connor set his bat bag down and leaned against the fence. “What did you guys talk about?”

“Well, she told me I was an idiot. Nothing new there.”

Connor couldn’t help but grin. “Anything else?”

“We talked about you and your mother.”

Connor knew that he wasn’t going to get a lot of details with the short answers he was getting. “I’m glad you did that.” He paused and considered a different topic. “How is Grandma Tessa?”

“She’s doing well. Sorry to worry you for a moment.” Haytham glanced toward the parking lot and tilted his head toward it. “Let’s go. I don’t want to cut into your Girlfriend time. Not that you won’t get an infinite amount of that next year.”

Connor pushed away from the fence with an eye roll. “Doesn’t mean I don’t want it.”

Haytham chuckled. “You say that now…”

Connor ignored him and picked up his bag. “Whatever.”

“What did I tell you about saying-“

“Too bad.”

Connor made his getaway before Haytham could say another word.

He was determined to get some ‘Ellie Time’ before they had to leave.

Graduation managed to sneak up on Ellie and before she knew it, she was walking across the stage at Saratoga High School. She made it back to her seat with a small sigh of relief. It was over. High school was finally over.

She scanned the crowd for what seemed like the umpteenth time. She knew Connor was here, she saw him in the crowd at some point, but she couldn’t seem to find him again. The ceremony seemed to drag on after that and Ellie had never felt more impatient in her entire life.

When the ceremony finally ended, she didn’t hesitate to get out of the auditorium and out into the open. She looked around the crowd for any familiar face and almost grumbled when she couldn’t find any.


Ellie squeaked and looked over her shoulder in shock.

Connor was standing right behind her with a bouquet in his hands. “Congratulations,” he said softly, holding them out awkwardly.

Ellie’s heart flopped around in her chest at the action. He was too adorable sometimes. She took the bouquet, which happened to be a bunch of tulips, and smiled up at him. “Thank you.” She reached up on the very tips of her toes to give him a peck on the cheek.

“What do you want to do after my graduation party?” she asked, reaching for his hand.

Connor shrugged. “I’ll do whatever you want to do.”

Ellie pouted a little. She had no idea what she wanted to do. Claudia was still in Texas and wouldn’t be back for another week and Desmond was on a trip with his parents and she knew they wouldn’t be able to go out to eat or anything due to the graduation crowd.

There was only one thing left to do. “Lake trip?”

The grin on Connor’s face was her answer. Peter and Eliza finally found them and they mingled for a while before piling into Peter’s truck.

“So, what are you kids doing after the party?” Eliza asked, beaming back at them.

“We were thinking about going to the lake,” Ellie answered, twining her fingers with Connor’s.

“And doing what?”

“Just hanging out. We shouldn’t be gone for long,” Connor answered with a grin.

Eliza smiled back and faced forward again. Ellie stared up at Connor in wonder. She never got out of a question session with Eliza that fast. Connor was able to get out of question sessions with record speed though.

The party also dragged on, since it was mostly Peter and Eliza’s friends, the rest of the Auditores, and some people from their church, Ellie didn’t have too many people to talk to once the Auditores left.

Everyone finally left and Connor and Ellie were on their way right after they cleaned everything up.

The lake was surprisingly quiet and Ellie was pleased to find that she and Connor were the only ones at the park they picked.

They walked hand in hand along the shoreline and Ellie couldn’t remember a time she was this at ease. Everything was just…good.

“Ahkso keeps asking when I’m going to bring you down again…and my grandparents want us to come up to their cabin this summer. I didn’t even know they had a cabin,” Connor finally said.

“They have a cabin? That sounds fun. And I’ll see what my schedule at the pool is this summer and we can plan a trip to the Rez.”

Ellie had managed to get a lifeguarding job this summer and she honestly was excited. The only downside was that she couldn’t spend as much time with her friends and Connor.

“Okay, I’ll tell them you’re interested.”

They stayed out on the beach until the sun set before reluctantly walking back to the mustang. Ellie glanced up at Connor as they walked and her breath hitched in her throat. The setting sunlight was hitting his eyes just right, causing them to look like an amber color more than brown.

Her eyes trailed down the broad, rugged lines of his face and she literally felt a deep ache inside her when they finally reached his lips. It had been a while since she let him steal a base…she wondered if he would want to right now.

Connor unlocked the car and gave her a questioning look when she didn’t get in the passenger seat right away. “Is everything okay?”

“Get in the back.”


“Get in the back,” Ellie ordered again, nonchalantly walking toward the car. She opened the back door and calmly got inside. She leaned out when he didn’t automatically get in and she gave him a ‘come hither’ motion.

Thankfully, he got the hint and basically dove in behind her, shutting the door quickly.

Ellie immediately climbed into his lap and pressed a hard kiss to his lips, placing her hands on either side of his neck. She started to press kisses all over his face and the deep ache from before settled in her stomach as he ran his hands up her sides.

His fingers started to trace the small amount of skin that was exposed above her shorts. Ellie arched into him when his fingertips started to slip underneath the fabric of her tank top. Ellie trailed her lips down his neck, sucking a little when she neared his collarbone. A small hiss and his hands clamping down on her waist only caused her to suck harder.

Ellie moved her lips up his neck again and lightly bit his earlobe.

She squeaked when his hands suddenly moved down to her rear. He stiffened and Ellie dug her fingers into his hair, silently telling him that it was okay.

Ellie moved her lips back to his and darted her tongue out, hoping he would reciprocate.

Connor was never one to disappoint. The kiss was slow and tender. Ellie kept one hand on the back of his head while the other trailed down his chest, earning her a small groan from him.

His grip on her rear tightened and Ellie let out a small whimper when the action caused her to press against him more. Her heart rate quickened when she realized that she was pressing herself against his groin. Well, at least she knew he was enjoying this.

Connor suddenly broke the kiss and leaned back in the seat as far as he could, looking away. His hands went to his side and she could see his Adam’s apple bob in his throat as he swallowed heavily.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Ellie asked, bringing both of her hands up to his neck again. She ran her thumbs over his jawline, hoping that the touch helped a little.

“’s nothing,” he mumbled, still avoiding her gaze.

Ellie gave him a bewildered look before she realized why he would be embarrassed. Connor was a guy after all and guys reacted to stuff like this.

“Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of…especially when we’re making out silly,” Ellie tried to say lightheartedly. She knew he got embarrassed easily, and extra teasing was probably not the best remedy right now.

Connor sighed and finally looked at her again. “I just know that it’s offensive sometimes and-“

Ellie quickly placed a finger on his lips with an amused grin. “Okay, first, it’s only offensive if you are crass about it to a random girl. And second, I would be kind of worried if…well, you didn’t react while doing this.”

His eyes widened and Ellie thought he looked adorable as his blush darkened. Deciding to show him that she meant what she said, she slowly sat up straight and gave an experimental roll with her hips.

It felt as if an electric shock went through her with the action, and the heavy gasp Connor let out gave her the idea that he felt something similar.

Ellie let out a long sigh and she rolled her hips again, leaning down and capturing Connor’s lips in a sloppy kiss.

His hands slowly made their way up her sides and Ellie let out a soft moan when his thumbs brushed against the sides of her breasts. She arched against him, hoping he could take a hint.

The deep ache from before was becoming an inferno, and Ellie needed more than what she was receiving.

He suddenly grabbed her hips and stopped her movement, resting his forehead against her collarbone. Ellie suddenly realized that he was breathing heavily and that he was trembling a little. She rested her hands on the back of his head, gently running her fingers through his hair.

“You okay?” she whispered, pressing her lips to the top of his head.

He let out a strangled, “Yes.” He lifted his head and continued, “I just…I was…uh.”

Now he was super embarrassed and Ellie realized why. She rested her forehead against his with an apologetic glance. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be!” he quickly said, sitting up straight.


“It felt good…I just didn’t want to-“

“Okay, you don’t have to say it,” Ellie giggled, twirling some of his hair around her fingers.

An awkward silence suddenly came over them. Ellie looked down and realized that the reason why they stopped was still there.

Ellie would be lying if she said she didn’t wonder how big Connor was sometimes. It was purely mere curiosity most of the time when she thought about it.

Biting her lip, she mentally prepared herself for the next step, if there was going to be one. She slowly pushed herself back so that she was sitting on the middle of his thighs. “Do you-” she paused and cleared her throat, “Do you want help with that?”

Connor’s eyes widened almost comically and his whole body tensed underneath her. “What?”

Ellie took a deep breath. Okay, she read some romance novels in her time and she was able to get plenty of information about sex from other sources besides her foster parents. She could do this.

Slowly, she reached for the waistband of his jeans and ran her fingertips over them, giving him a questioning look. She tried to stop the trembling in her hands when her fingertips traced the button of his jeans.

His hands suddenly grabbed hers and her eyes met his. “Ellie, you don’t have to do this. I don’t expect anything and-“

Ellie had to stop herself from beaming. Goodness, this boy was something else. She gently pulled her hands away from his and rested them on his neck again. “Connor, I want to make you feel good. I want to do this, and I completely understand if you don’t want me to,” she whispered, giving him a small grin.

Connor’s worry over her gave her confidence for some reason and she was even more certain that she wanted to do this now.

She could see the conflict in his eyes and the blush on his cheeks was slowly spreading up to the tips of his ears.

It was now almost completely dark in the car and the streetlamp nearby was their only source of light.

Ellie knew that both she and Connor could get in major trouble if they got caught, but she couldn’t find it in herself to care at the moment.

“Tell me if you want to stop at any point, okay?” he finally whispered, giving her a serious look.

Having been granted his permission, Ellie took a deep breath and moved her hands to his jeans’ button again. Her fingers shook a little as she worked it free and her heart started to thunder in her chest as she pulled the zipper down.

She gently ran her fingertips over his still clothed erection and she instantly stilled when a soft grunt came from Connor’s lips.

Ellie looked up and her heart pounded in her chest even more. She was so nervous; she never really thought about touching Connor like this until now. She soon realized that the soft sounds escaping him were not ones of discomfort and she suddenly realized that she wanted to hear more of them.

With renewed confidence, she slowly started to change her soft touches to more firm strokes.

“Oh God,” Connor breathed out, resting his head back against the headrest.

Those small words were enough to give her to confidence to slip her fingers past the front opening in his boxers and free him from its restraints.

She leaned forward and captured his gasp with her lips, taking advantage of the moment to slip her tongue between his lips.

Connor was softer than she imagined he would be, and she almost stopped kissing him to see what he looked like. His hips slowly bucked up when she gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft

That was when Ellie realized she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. She pulled away, biting her lip. “C-Connor?”


“I-I don’t know what to do,” she whispered. She had never felt more mortified. She knew about the pumping stuff, but what else do boys like? She had no idea.

“Y-you can stop if you-“

Ellie gently squeezed to get him to shut up. Her mortification was kicked out of her head and she took a deep breath before moving her hand up and down.

She squeaked in surprise when Connor pulled her forward for another kiss. Ellie braced her other hand on his hip and decided to just stop thinking so much. Connor was acting like he was enjoying it and that was the only reassurance she needed.

Connor’s hips were starting to buck up with her movements and he pulled away to let out a heavy groan.

The deep, fiery ache that Ellie felt before was now back tenfold at the sound. She quickened her pace and let out a small whimper of her own when he suddenly latched onto her neck as he buried his fingers into her hair.

She could get used to this aggressive side he was showing.

Unknowingly, she pressed her thumb against his tip and her only warning was him choking out her name in her ear.

His hips jerked sporadically and Ellie looked down as a warm, sticky fluid covered her hand.

Their eyes met and Ellie felt a small rush of pride to see how relaxed he looked. Connor wiped away a bead of sweat that was starting to run down her cheek with his thumb and Ellie’s heart fluttered at the adoration she saw in his gaze.

He gently wrapped one arm around her while reaching for the middle console with the other.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, as he pulled some napkins out of it. He got them both cleaned up in what seemed like record time before tucking himself back into his jeans. He looked up at her again with a bashful look before pressing a long, tender kiss to her lips.

“Did I do okay?” she asked, looking away bashfully. Ellie just realized what she did now that she was down from her Connor induced high. She never, ever, thought she would have the courage to do what she just did.

Connor’s arms tightened around her and she squeaked when he pulled her flush against him and pressed small, light kisses all over her face. “You were perfect,” he whispered in between kisses.

Ellie’s heart swelled at his words and she kissed him back. “That’s good. I thought I did hor-“

“Don’t even say it. You’re perfect,” he mumbled, nuzzling into her neck.

Ellie wondered why she was so nervous in the first place.

Connor was in a huge dilemma all summer.

He knew he cared about Ellie more than he cared about almost anyone else, but he had no idea how to tell her that.

He finally put a word with the feeling he felt whenever he was around her; whether it was just hanging out, talking, or even just holding her hand, Connor’s heart always swelled a little.

Connor finally admitted that he loved her to himself and he had no idea what to do about it.

Another dilemma was that he had absolutely no one to talk to about this without the risk of getting ridiculed in the process.

Desmond? Not a chance.

Achilles? No, the old man would probably give him a cryptic answer that involved a life lesson Connor was not interested in learning.

His father?

Connor groaned from his spot on the back porch steps. Haytham might honestly be his best chance in all of this. He honestly didn’t know how to bring it up to his father. What would one say in that situation? “Hey I want to tell Ellie I love her, how should I do it?” he grumbled snarkily to himself.

“What was that?”

Connor stiffened and whipped his head around to see Haytham standing at the threshold of the sliding glass door.

“I was going to tell you that dinner was ready, but you obviously have other problems,” Haytham said, turning to go back inside.

“Wait…can we talk for a second?”

Well, he might as well get it out now while he had a little courage.

Haytham groaned a little as he sat down on the steps next to Connor. “And what do you want to talk about exactly?” he asked, resting his forearms on his knees.

Connor sighed and looked down at his feet, resting his elbows on his knees before perching his chin on his hands. “How did you tell Ista you loved her?”

A small choking noise came from Haytham, causing Connor to glance over in worry. “Why in the bloody hell do you want to know that?”

“Because I want to tell Ellie that, okay?!” Connor snapped. There went his plan of being subtle.

Haytham stared at him for a moment before smirking and running his fingers through his hair. “You just do it when it feels right. I didn’t plan to tell your mother when I did. It just happened.”

Connor stared at him for what seemed like years. “Seriously? I thought it was a big deal.”

“It is.”

Connor sighed and buried his face in his arms. He was hopeless.

Haytham patted his shoulder before standing up. “I told her I loved her when I was walking her home from a date,” he said quietly.

Connor looked up to stare at Haytham in shock, but the sliding glass door was already closing when he did.

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