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Hello! I'm Frankie. But, you can call me Silverwing or Frankie; either way is okay.

I am a college athlete that's living the dream. I am currently a Pre-Nursing major and an Art History minor. When I'm not crying over classes, I write and draw.

I hope you enjoy my art and writings and have a good experience visiting my gallery.

Current Residence: A house
Favourite genre of music: again, too many to choose from
Favourite style of art: Cartoon/Manga, Anime, Impressionism
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: Have Faith

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and here is a link to my tumblr where I post my art lovlies!
I just saw that I haven't updated this thing in almost 8 months.

Bad Frankie!

So, long story short, this year has been busy, stressful, emotionally trying, and amazing all at the same time and I guess updating this thing was the last thing on my mind.

I've gotten a new job, got my second niece, became a part time babysitter, and new games have come my way in the last 8 months and it's been hectic.

Anyway, you all don't want to hear about that. I changed my tumblr blog name! It's not I also created an ask blog for the Tomahawks and Briefcases characters! You can find it here

Well, Silverwing out!
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Ellie was almost frightened to go to Connor. She never saw him this upset before and she didn’t know what to do. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the thought from her mind.

This was Connor. Her Ratonhnhaké:ton. The one person she never feared.

She guided the horses up the hill a ways before tying their reins to a tree just off the path. Connor was now leaning back against a tree and his head was hanging low. Ellie tried to not make too much noise as she approached him.


His head slightly rose when she stopped in front of him.

Ellie’s heart almost broke in half from the look in his eyes. He looked utterly defeated and tired. Resting her hands on either side of his neck, Ellie gently tilted his head so that he was forced to look at her. “They aren’t here, are they?” she quietly asked, running her thumbs gently along his jaw.

Connor let out a long sigh. “No, they were forced to leave.” He paused and gulped heavily. “A man in New York has purchased this land…Achilles warned me of this. Everyone warned me of this. And I did not listen.”

“How do you know this? And why were you in there for so long?”

Connor pulled himself away from her grip and started to pace. “Ellie…I was not entirely truthful about my reasons for joining the Brotherhood.”

Ellie crossed her arms. “What do you mean? Didn’t you join to protect your village?”

He halted in his tracks, facing away from her. “I did not find the Assassins through my mother…I found them through a spirit from my village. I spoke to her just now. That is why I was delayed.”

Ellie stepped back and gave him a hard look, even though he couldn’t see it. “Ratonhnhaké:ton what are you talking about?”

Connor turned toward her again. “A spirit has guided my people for generations. She spoke to me and told me to discover the Assassins or my people would suffer from the Templars. She lied to me. She only had me do this task so I could hide this.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the amulet he took from Charles Lee.

Ellie stared at him and tried to keep her features even. A spirit? Why would a spirit have anything to do with this? And why would they want Connor to hide a small trinket…if she did exist, that is.

Connor strode toward her and gently rested his hands on her arms. “Ellie, you must believe me. Achilles spoke of the spirits that spoke to Ezio. I believe this spirit is one of them.”

Ellie’s eyes met his and she struggled to believe what he just told her. She knew he wouldn’t imagine something on this level; he was one of the most intelligent people she knew. And she also knew he wasn’t feverish either. Could it be true? She knew of the Ones Who Came Before. Every Assassin did and her father told her of them many times.

Ellie reached up and rested her hand on his cheek, lightly brushing her thumb over the little scar on his cheekbone. “Love, I believe you, but what would the Ones Who Came Before want with a small trinket?”

Connor stared down at the amulet in his hand. “I do not know.” He clenched his fist around it and looked away.

Ellie’s heart sunk when she saw the defeated look from before come back.

“I only wanted to keep them safe…but I led them to this.”

Ellie didn’t know why, but the way be blamed himself made her angrier than she felt in a long time. “Ratonhnhaké:ton, don’t tell me you actually believe that?”

His eyes didn’t meet hers and Ellie’s lips tightened into a thin line. “Did you hold a pistol to that man’s head in New York and force him to buy this land? Did you not sacrifice so much of your life for them? Don’t make what you did seem small and meaningless because it is anything but that.”

She gave his shoulder a light shove and stepped away. “What you did for the Assassins and for the people of this land go beyond your village and Davenport. It goes beyond everything we know. You gave so many people freedom Ratonhnhaké:ton and what happened here does not change that.”

Connor shook his head and stepped out of her reach, suddenly looking angry. “The only reason I did any of this in the first place was to keep my people here and safe! Everything I have worked for is GONE!” he bellowed.

The word ‘gone’ echoed throughout the trees. They stared at each other for many moments before Ellie gave into her need to comfort him. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him. His arms wrapped around her as well and his hold crushed the breath out of her as he pulled her closer.

His shoulders started to shake and Ellie just tightened her grip.

They stood like that for what seemed like years before he finally pulled away. Ellie had to crane her neck to meet his gaze. Reaching up, she rested her hands on the sides of his neck again, tracing gentle circles into his skin with her thumbs. “We will find them,” she promised, hoping he could see that she meant it. She already started to make a list of people to send messages to. They had to be somewhere and they most likely moved north along with the other tribes that have left.

If it was the last thing she did, she would find them.

It was oddly soothing yet painful to show Ellie his empty village. He showed her the longhouse he grew up in and all of the places he and his friends played when they were young. She asked many questions and was intrigued about everything he showed her.

It was strange, to see a place that used to be so full of life so empty. The beginning of Connor’s life was spent in this village and it was gone and it took a piece of Connor’s spirit with it.

Ellie helped soothe the pain by just being-- well--Ellie. How she knew what to do to help him at the moment, he did not know. It was strange how much this tiny woman could surprise him.

Connor had just showed her where his people held most of their ceremonies and he could not help but stare at her as she walked around the large fire pit. Her bottom lip stuck out in a curious pout and her eyes were narrowed in concentration as she looked at the markings on a walking stick that was left behind.

“This is beautiful,” she breathed out, gingerly picking it up.

A soft grin came to her lips and Connor’s shoulders felt a little lighter as he took in her beauty. Small tendrils of her hair had escaped her bun and were now curling on her cheek. Her eyes were hooded as she studied the walking stick. Her gentle, dainty fingers danced across the carvings in the wood.

He wondered how she did it. She told him that they would find his people and she said it with so much conviction that he had no choice but to believe her.

He wondered how she could be so certain and determined when he could see nothing but hopelessness.

Connor had no idea as to where his people would have chosen to go. The man said north, but that was too vague.

Ellie stepped closer to him and set the stick down before holding her hand out. “We still have some daylight left. You said you wanted to show me the river?”

Connor just twined her fingers between his and led her toward the river. They remained in a comfortable silence as they walked along the banks. One particular spot stood out in Connor’s mind and it made his heart ache as he thought about it. There was a large span of flat rocks that barely peeked out above the water. Connor remembered when he would play on them as a young child and how his mother used to stand with him. She loved to make him toys out of the reeds and tell him stories with the small dolls she made.

“My mother and I used to stand here,” he quietly said, nodding his head toward the rocks.

Ellie looked up at him before looking toward the rocks. “You did? What did you do?”

“She would watch me and the other children play sometimes…she used to make toys out of the reeds nearby. I never could do it myself.”

Ellie plucked at the reeds with a whimsical grin. “My mother used to make me dolls out of corn cobs. She would even sew little dresses for them out of the leftover fabric we had. One of my favorites was named Lettie.”

Deciding to get his mind off of the empty village behind him, Connor decided to investigate. “Lettie?”

Ellie let out a soft laugh. “Well, I liked the name when I was younger. Mother said she would have named my younger sister that if she lived.”

Connor’s eyes widened. “You had a sister?” Why did she not tell him of this?

Ellie’s face fell. “Oh, I never told you? She died shortly after she was born. She didn’t even live a whole day.”

Oh, that is why she never told him. “I am sorry. I did not realize...”

Ellie leaned against him a little. “Don’t be. It’s something that happens sometimes. She was born too soon.” She squeezed his hand before continuing, “I used to pretend the other one she made was my daughter sometimes. I had a boy doll too.”

Connor honestly was enjoying hearing more about Ellie’s childhood. All he knew was the parts concerning her father and this upset him a little. Why did he not know everything about the woman he loved? “What were their names?” he asked, starting to walk down the bank again.

“I liked the name Isaac for the boy. My favorite was named Rebekah.”

“Why Rebekah?”

Ellie shrugged with a shy grin. “It was my grandmother’s name. She used to come and help my mother when my father was at sea with the Aquila. She was my best friend when I was a child and I wanted to be like her so much…I always imagined having a daughter named Rebekah as well.”

Connor realized why she was shy now. He tried to imagine what it would be like to have children with Ellie and he found himself liking the idea immensely. It was a warm ray of sunshine in the storm he was feeling. “You did?” he asked. Ellie being shy was a rare occurrence and he needed to take advantage of the opportunity.

It was also the perfect distraction.

Ellie nudged him with her shoulder. “Yes, every girl imagines what being married and having children is like.”

Connor squeezed her hand. “Do you imagine it with us?” He was more than curious to know what she thought. He had been thinking about starting a new part of his life with her for the past few days and he absolutely knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her now. The insecure part of him needed to hear what she thought, even though he knew he had the answer right in front of him.

A blush started to dust Ellie’s cheeks and Connor found it endearing when she bit her lip and looked down at her feet. She started to mess with the collar of her shirt. “Well…yes, I have before.”

Connor halted and stepped so he was standing in front of her. “What did you imagine?”

Ellie’s eyes widened and the setting sunlight caused them to be a rich green color instead of their usual darker hue. Her blush darkened and Connor found his own cheeks heating up as he stared at her. “I just imagined us being together at the manor and starting a family. I know you would be a good father. Oh, and we could finally fix up that extra room upstairs for the children and-“

Connor just stared at her as she kept rambling on and his heart thudded in his chest as he started to imagine all she was telling him.

No, he could not ask her now. Now was not the right time; now with what just happened.

At least he knew what she thought.

They finally made it back to Davenport three days later. Ellie refused to let Connor hide the amulet by himself. His side wasn’t completely healed, but he was already dragging a shovel toward the back of the property. Good Lord, he wasn’t going to wait, was he?

Ellie followed him and stared in shock as she saw him stop in front of the grave of Achilles’ late son. “You’re hiding it there?”

Connor nodded and drove the spade into the earth in front of the grave. Luckily, it had rained that morning so the dirt wasn’t too hard. When Ellie saw him start to have trouble, she took the shovel from his hands and dug herself.

For once, he didn’t object.

They took turns until they were halfway into the grave. Connor was currently standing in it and he managed to get out with Ellie’s help. He took the trinket from one of his pockets and he held it up in the light. He stared at it for many moments before dropping it into the hole.

They silently refilled the grave and stood next to it for many moments.

“Let’s get inside. Achilles will probably want to know what happened,” Ellie finally suggested, rubbing Connor’s arm.

Connor twined his fingers with hers and led them back over to the horses. After all of their packs were inside, Connor started toward Achilles’ room.

“Old man?”

Ellie frowned and looked around. Something seemed wrong. There was no fire in the fireplace, and Achilles was able to do that on his own still, despite his health. Nothing seemed to have moved from the time she was last here either. “Oh no,” she breathed out.


Connor’s voice suddenly got quiet and Ellie hurried toward Achilles’ room. She halted in her tracks at the doorway and her heart sunk to the floor. Connor was kneeling in front of the old Assassin, gently resting a hand on the other man’s. Connor’s head hung low and Ellie couldn’t think of what to do. Her whole body started to shake as she covered her mouth with her hand, trying to hold back her sobs.

He finally looked up at her and Ellie’s heart broke when she saw the sadness in his eyes.

“Let’s tell Father Timothy the news,” he said softly, slowly getting up.

Many people would have thought Connor was being unemotional at the moment, but Ellie wasn’t other people.

She could feel the pain rolling off of him. She could see it from the slight tilt of his brow and the way he would barely bite his lower lip.

Ellie reached forward and wrapped her arms around him, trying to keep her tears in. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered, gripping at the fabric of his robes.

His arms wrapped around her and Ellie had no idea what to say or do for once.

She felt utterly hopeless.

The funeral was short and to the point, and Ellie could tell that Connor appreciated what the community did for Achilles. Many solemn faces had stopped by and gave him a pat on the shoulder or a small hug before they left. The only person that remained by his side now was Ellie.

They stared down at freshly dug grave, hand in hand.

Ellie rubbed his arm with her free hand, trying to think of something to say. They had both known that Achilles’ time was coming, but neither of them expected it to happen so soon. Ellie wished that she would have had a chance to say goodbye to him. He had taught her so much about the Assassins and how to help them in ways the Johnstons never could.

He also taught her more about life in general and she wished she had a chance to thank him for everything he did for her.

Connor squeezed her hand before letting go and he started walking toward the manor. “There is something we must do,” he said quietly. Ellie stared after him in confusion before following him, lifting her skirts out of the mud.

When she entered the manor, Connor was already back in Achilles’ room. He picked up what looked like a frame wrapped in brown paper and he started to make his way toward the dining room. “He said it was too painful to look at this…I believe I know why.”

Ellie helped him take the paper off the frame and her breath caught in her throat when the painting was revealed. It was Achilles as a young man with his family. Tears started to pool in her eyes as she stared at it. She and Connor looked at each other and a silent message went between them.

Connor was able to easily pick up the frame and he hung it above the fireplace.

The room seemed whole with it there.

It had been many weeks since Achilles’ passing and winter came had come in with a gentle breeze and heavy snowfall. Connor’s side was finally not bothering him too much and he was able to go out and continue on with his active life. It was frustrating for him to hold back and not do what he wanted when he wanted.

The last few weeks were not easy for him or Ellie. They had finally went through Achilles’ things and tried to decide what to do with them. Many of his possessions went into the basement, in honor of his time with the Brotherhood. Other things went to the Johnstons. But, there were some things that he and Ellie had came to a halt. The items seemed too personal to just store away, yet they knew Achilles would probably scold them for not utilizing the whole mansion properly.

Their plan was to make Achilles’ room a new meeting room for the Brotherhood members and for their other guests. Connor was helping Ellie move things into the attic and the basement that morning, but the memories with some of the items were too fresh and Ellie forced Connor to leave and she left on her own errands.

His breath came out in soft puffs in the bitter cold as he stomped his way through the snow toward Ellen’s shop. Ellie had asked him to get something she purchased from the seamstress and he honestly was curious about what it was.

Ellen was out sweeping snow off her porch when he reached the shop and a friendly smile lit up her face as he approached. “Hello Connor. How can I help you?”

The door suddenly opened and Maria sprinted out of it. “Master Connor!”

Connor barely had time to react as the girl vaulted herself off of the porch toward him and he was able to catch her awkwardly.

“Maria!” Ellen scolded, thumping her broom against the porch as she put a hand on her hip.

Connor held up a hand to tell Ellen it was alright and he gave Maria a small hug before setting her down. “Hello,” he said softly.

“Can Master Connor come in Mama?” Maria asked, tugging on his hand.

Ellen sighed with an amused grin. “I suppose he can,” she answered with a wink toward him.

He let Maria tug him into the house and he took the chair she offered to him.

“So Connor, how can I help you today?” Ellen asked, shutting the door behind her.

“Ellie asked me to receive something she purchased from you.”

Ellen’s face lit up. “Of course! I’ll go get it.”

Connor was even more curious now.

“It’s really pretty, Master Connor. Miss Ellie is going to look lovely in it,” Maria babbled, clapping her hands in excitement. Connor could not hold back a grin. Maria had to have grown at least a head taller since she came here and she was looking like her mother more and more.

Connor suddenly felt old. It only seemed like yesterday that he was helping Ellen and Maria move here.

Ellen returned with a wrapped package. “She already paid me so tell her she won’t have to worry about any of that,” the woman paused and gave him teasing grin, “So Connor, will she have a reason to wear this anytime soon? You two have been together for some time now.”

Connor stiffened. So, it was a dress that was in the package. He cleared his throat and stood, taking the package from her. “Well…I have not asked her yet,” he mumbled in embarrassment.

Ellen’s eyebrows rose to her hairline. “You haven’t? Just get a ring and ask her! Even my buffoon of a husband was able to manage that.”

Connor’s brow furrowed. “Is that all you do? I do not know the custom for this here and-“

Ellen rested a hand on his arm. “That is truly all you need to do. Ask Dave to make you a ring and ask her. That is all it takes.”

Well, Big Dave was right across the path. “I believe I am going to talk to Dave now.”

Ellen patted his arm. “You do that.”

Ellie didn’t know what to think.

Connor had been acting strange this past week and it all started after he picked up her new dress from Ellen.

He had been avoiding her and even seemed nervous. Ellie had asked the other women of the homestead what could possibly be going on and Ellen and Prudence just laughed and Myriam just smirked at her. Speaking of the ox, he was standing out with the horses right now.

Ellie stared at him out the window and let out a small huff.

Deciding to get to the bottom of her current mystery, Ellie grabbed her coat and gloves and quickly put them on. She stepped outside and made her way over to Connor. He was now leaning back against the fence while Dancer nudged him every so often. He looked up as she approached and a soft smile came to his lips.

“What are you up to?” Ellie asked, wrapping her arms around herself. Her heart was still fluttering from seeing the smile she loved so much. She stopped next to him and reached up, patting Dancer’s nose.

Connor stuffed his hands in his pockets. “Nothing.”

Ellie looked up at him with a knowing grin. “You’re lying.”

“I am.”

Ellie reached up and tugged on his braid. “Really, Connor. What have you been up to lately? You act like a skittish horse when you’re around me.”

He scuffed his boot on the ground as he looked down at his feet and Ellie thought the action was adorable. He finally looked up at her again and Ellie’s breath caught in her throat at the intense look in his gaze. She was used to all of his one-minded intensity being set on her, it was simply part of his character, but this was different.

“Ellie, I have been thinking about a particular subject ever since we left Monmouth,” he began, twiddling his thumbs.

Ellie arched a brow at him with a teasing grin. “Oh, and what is that?”

He cleared his throat and continued, leaning his elbow against the fence. “I have been wondering what my life will be like now that the Templars are not a threat now. I have been thinking about things I have not had the opportunity to think about.”

He surprised her when he stepped closer and gently took her hands in his. Ellie still couldn’t believe how big they were compared to hers. “Norónhkhwa, I cannot imagine anyone else being at my side. You are my best friend, my ally, and my light. If you were not here, I would be lost.” He reached into his pocket and Ellie couldn’t stop her eyes from glazing over with tears.

Connor held out the ring to her. “Will you stay by my side?”

Ellie stared at the band in wonder as her heart thudded in her chest. The band was a brilliant silver color and Ellie could see the etching of the Assassins insignia on the inside of it.

This was it, the moment she had imagined ever since she was a little girl. And he made it infinitely better than anything she could ever dream up.

She nodded and tried to speak, but her throat was closing up quickly. “Of course,” she finally managed to whisper.

Connor’s arms were suddenly around her and Ellie wrapped her own around his waist.

It was where she belonged.
DevIDfall14 by Silverwing100
Yes, that is a pumpkin spice in my hand and, yes, I love bows. Any questions?
Leyah Character Study by Silverwing100
Leyah Character Study
Yeah, just practicing with Leyah. Her hair is honestly the hardest to draw for some reason. I had to drop Maverick in there too. 
The Three Amigos by Silverwing100
The Three Amigos
Good Lord, The Book of Life is a beautiful movie and everyone should watch it now I love it so much. The design, music, and story were beautifully done and the characters are adorable and Maria is a feminist. What could be better?

Seriously, check it out.
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(Contains: strong language)
Maverick was still wondering why he said what he did the next day when they walked out into the pale morning light. I go where you go? What are you, a fucking dog? he asked himself, keeping a little distance between him and Leyah. He made sure to keep watching the horizon, feeling tense. Yao guai were known to live around here and he be damned if he let one sneak up on them.

To give her credit, she also had her head on a swivel as she kept on her toes as well. He saw how pink her face was getting and he sighed and reached into the side pocket of his pack. Pulling out the hat, he glanced at it and then back at her before letting out a shrill whistle. “Vaultie.”

Leyah turned and let out a gasp when the hat hit her face. She caught it before it could hit the ground and she stared at it.

Maverick kept walking. “It’s to keep your sunburn from getting worse.”

“Thanks Mav.”

“Quit calling me that.”

“I can call you what I want. We’re friends now.”

She caught up to him and Maverick gave her a hard look when she fell into step beside him. She returned his hard look with a soft grin, plopping the hat on her head. He stopped in his tracks and she stopped with him. They stared at each other for many moments before Maverick finally felt a grin creep up on his lips. “Friends, huh?”

“Yup. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Her grey-blue eyes held mirth in them as she gently punched his shoulder and kept walking, hitching her pack up higher as her pace picked up.

Maverick stared at her, wondering how the hell she could manage to be this happy after all that had happened to her. How do you keep smiling?

Deciding to ponder it another time, Maverick took his place behind her and kept moving.

Arlington library was just showing up on the horizon by the time the sun was high in the sky and Maverick was actually pleased with their progress. It wasn’t even 11 o’ clock and they were already halfway to their destination. If Leyah’s errand didn’t take too long, they could be at GNR before sundown.

His mood was also lightened because no Raiders had decided to ruin his day so far and the only things he and Leyah came across were the occasional radscorpion or mole rat.

Leyah’s lip stuck out in a small pout as she stared up at the tall building. “So this is the library, huh? I hope the archives are easy to get to.”

Maverick groaned. “Vaultie, don’t say that.”


“Because the opposite of what you say usually happens. Don’t jinx us.”

Leyah rolled her eyes and marched right up to the door. Maverick quickly stepped forward and rested a hand on her shoulder. “Let me go first. Raiders like buildings like this.”

Thankfully, she just nodded and stepped back instead of arguing, taking her rifle off her shoulder.

Maverick slowly opened the door, shotgun in hand and peered inside. What he saw made him want to run for the hills. It was too late to turn back when one of the men in the power armor raised his laser rifle. “Halt! Who are you?”


Maverick knew there was no point in running; there was most likely a patrol nearby so he raised his hands and kicked open the door the rest of the way. “Don’t be a smartass. I’ll talk,” he growled out of the corner of his mouth.

“Who is it?”

“The Brotherhood of Steel. Now, be quiet!”

He stiffened when he felt her small hand grab at his shirt.

“Maverick, seriously I-“

“We’ll get out of this if you let me talk. It’s going to be okay.” Their gazes met momentarily and she nodded, but her grip on his shirt tightened. A wave of protectiveness threatened to crush him as the action reminded him of when Rachel was younger and he was determined to get her out of this now. He doubted the Brotherhood even remembered him, but he was ready if need be.

They slowly walked forward and Maverick gave the Brotherhood of Steel Knight a hard glare. “Relax, we’re just travelers looking for stuff to scavenge. Nothing more.”

The Knight turned to the other Brotherhood members in the room. “It’s just civilians. Stand down.”

Maverick looked around the main room of the library and he stiffened. Most of the Brotherhood members in the room were not even Knights, they were Initiates. He could tell from the very way they stood and held their weapons. This was unacceptable.

Remembering that he had to keep his mouth shut and not make them angry, he stepped forward, following the Knight further into the room. Leyah’s grip on his shirt only tightened and he wondered if she even knew who the Brotherhood was.

His whole body tensed when he saw a familiar face striding toward them from behind the desk.

“Maverick?” Amanda Yearling gestured to all of the soldiers in the room. “Stand down, he’s more than a civilian.”

She finally reached Maverick and he was shocked when she held out her hand. “It’s good to see you again,” she said, grinning up at him.

The Knight stepped forward. “Scribe Yearling we-“

“Quiet,” she snapped, giving the Knight a hard look.

Maverick’s eyes widened. “Scribe now, huh?”

“Yeah, and Rach is a Paladin.”

Maverick’s heart clenched at the sound of his sister’s name. A small tug on his shirt suddenly reminded him that Leyah was standing right next to him.


“Mav, how do you know these people?”

Yearling gave her an incredulous look and Maverick wasn’t quick enough to stop her from saying, “He used to be a Sentinel among our men. He led the Lyon’s pride for years.”

Leyah couldn’t believe it. She knew Maverick had to have had formal training somewhere. She never expected it to be from the Brotherhood of Steel though. She didn’t know much about the group, but she knew they had power in the wasteland. Looking up at him with wide eyes, she exclaimed, “I knew it! I knew you were hiding something!”

“Yippee Vaultie, you discovered my dark secret.”

“You used to be part of the Brotherhood of Steel! It all makes sense now!”

Leyah was now waving her hands in excitement as a million questions started to spill out of her mouth. “Did you grow up with the Brotherhood or did you just join? What’s the Lyon’s Pride? Is Sentinel a really high rank? Is that why you know so much about-“

Maverick clamped a hand down on her mouth, leaning down to meet her at eye level. For some reason, her heart started to flutter at the contact. “I promise to answer some of those questions after we get your damn archives. Now shut up.”

Scribe Yearling’s gaze went from Maverick to Leyah and back to Maverick in disbelief as he pulled away. “Who is this Maverick?”

“I’m his friend,” Leyah quickly said. Maverick seemed to not want her to know more for some reason. “Leyah Hunter.”

She ignored Maverick’s groan and smiled at the woman.

“How did you meet Maverick?”

“Well, I was being chased by Raiders and he saved me. I also had a Rad-Cold and-“

Maverick’s heavy hand on her shoulder caused her to pause and look up at him. “Look, Amanda, long story short; I saved her ass and I’m helping her out with other stuff.” He gave her a warning look and Leyah opened her mouth to retort, but his eyes hardened even more and Leyah rolled her eyes.

Scribe Yearling was looking at them with an amused look. “Alright, what brings you two to Arlington?”

“I’d ask you the same thing,” Maverick answered, arching a brow.

Scribe Yearling then gave a long winded speech about how important Pre-war books were and how she was trying to find them. Leyah nodded and made positive noises when needed, but she was totally focused on something else. Why didn’t Maverick tell her about the Brotherhood of Steel? And, the more important question kept rising up in her mind.

Why wasn’t he with them anymore if he had such a high rank?

It took every ounce of Maverick’s willpower to keep from looking at Leyah. He knew she was curious and he also knew she would never leave him alone until he did tell her.

Deciding to finally get away from the members of the Brotherhood, Maverick finally cut in. “Scribe Yearling, where are the card catalogs and the archive?”

Scribe Yearling tapped her chin with a sigh. “Well, the card catalog can be accessed at the terminal at the desk. The archives are on the third floor. But, there’s one problem.”

Maverick tensed up. “What problem?”

Scribe Yearling actually looked sheepish. “Well, there are a group of Raiders that took over the library. We only just recently liberated this part of the building.”

Of course there were fucking Raiders.

He looked down at Leyah, who looked deep in thought now. “What do you say, Vaultie?”

Leyah’s brow furrowed as she thought about it before letting out a sigh. “Well…I wanted those archives. I was going to make a copy of them for myself so I could have all that information to use later on.”

Maverick’s eyes widened momentarily. Holy fuck. He never thought about using the archives that way. Then again, he didn’t have a –what did she call it?- Pip-Boy. He tapped her forearm. “You can get the archives on your doohickey here?”

“Of course.”

Turning toward the Knight that greeted them in the first place, he asked, “What’s the situation on the rest of the building?”

He gestured to Leyah and pointed toward the computer. She got the message and headed toward it for the card catalogs. Scribe Yearling followed behind.

The Knight scoffed. “I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to tell that information to civilians. It’s to keep you safe. I don’t care if you were a Sentinel or not.”

Maverick almost punched the tin man right in the face. “Look, Dick –can I call you Dick?- I don’t have time for that bullshit. Either you tell me now or I’ll just force one of your Initiates here to tell me instead. And let me tell you, that would be about as fun as dancing with a Centaur.”

He stepped closer to the Knight. “Well?”

Maverick could tell the man was rolling his eyes behind his helmet when he finally answered. Maybe it was the amount of sarcasm that was rolling off him that gave it away.

“Even if you did get up to the second floor, there are small groups of Raiders hiding on each floor in each wing. The main wing is compromised as well.”

“Give me numbers dammit, or do you even have those?”

“No, we don’t have those.”

“What type of Knight are you? Jesus Christ,” Maverick snapped, walking toward the small group of Initiates standing near the entryway toward the back of the library. Maybe the kids knew more than their supervisor.

The clicking of many different sets of power armor standing to attention rang throughout the hall and Maverick stared at the group of kids incredulously as one of them saluted. “What the-“

“My name is Initiate Johnson sir and my father served with you,” a slightly familiar voice said from the helmet.

Maverick blinked in surprise before narrowing his eyes at the Initiate in front of him. “Who’s your dad?”

“Paladin Ryan Johnson, sir. He retired from the Lyon’s Pride shortly after you were dismissed.”

Even though his stomach was curdling at the mention of being ‘dismissed’, Maverick couldn’t help but grin. Ryan Johnson was one of his closest friends in the Brotherhood. “Well Initiate Johnson, are you good at scouting? Your dad was the best damn scout I ever met.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I need your help then.”

Leyah mentally cheered when the card catalog finally downloaded to her Pip-boy. Looking around the room, she finally found Maverick’s tall frame standing near a bunch of Brotherhood men…or women. She couldn’t really tell with all that armor.

Slowly making her way over, she pondered how to get Maverick to tell her his story. She knew it had to be painful for him, and she didn’t want to upset him any more than he probably was. Biting her lip, she almost let out a sigh of defeat. She never was good at stuff like this.

“So is it true you were called the Lion of the Lyon’s Pride?”

“My dad told me so much about you.”

“Elder Lyons still mentions you sometimes you know.”

Leyah halted in her tracks and tried to listen in on the conversation.

“Shit, they told you about the Lion thing? I thought it was fuckin’ stupid to be honest,” Maverick grumbled.

One of the soldiers in front of him nodded vigorously. “Yeah, my dad said it was your nickname because of how you led the Pride. He also said you had the makings of being the next Elder or something.”

Maverick tilted his head back with a bark of laughter. “Your dad is full of crap, kid. I would have made the shittiest elder out there. As for the nickname bullshit, I never liked it and I better not hear you calling me that.”

Leyah decided it was finally time to make her presence known with a sly grin. “Lion of the Lyon’s Pride, huh? Maybe I can call you that instead of Mav,” she joked, walking up to his side.

His hard look and frown was enough to make her giggle. For some reason, she thought it was funny when he was irritated now.

“Call me either and you’ll really see how I think about that, Vaultie,” he growled, looking toward the soldiers again. “By the way, we’re in luck. These Initiates told us they would help us with our Raider problem. Think we can show them a thing or two?”

Leyah looked up at him with an incredulous look. “Are you sure? I’m sure we can wait it out until-“

“Vaultie, the Raiders are never going to leave because they know the Brotherhood wants this place and they love pissing people off. It’s now or never.”

Leyah sighed and looked at the Initiates. “Thank you for offering. I appreciate it,” she said, forcing a smile to her face. She really didn’t want to put anyone in danger.

Maverick grunted in approval and looked at the Initiates again. “Alright, so we’re going to use the Red method. I hope they still teach you that in training.”

Maverick loved using the Red method. It usually involved drawing the enemy out into a trap and heavy firing from their side. The Initiates were surprisingly competent and they followed his orders to the T. He was actually surprised at himself for remembering how to be a leader of a group like this.

It has been eight years after all.

About 20 minutes after they left the main hall, they all found themselves on the third floor and Leyah was in the process of downloading and copying the archives. There were no casualties on their side and there was plenty to scavenge from the Raiders’ supplies.

Maverick leaned on the wall next to the desk she was sitting at, watching the Initiates interact with each other on the other side of the room.

“Do you miss it?”

Maverick stared at Leyah for a moment before shrugging. Dammit, might as well get the tough questions out of the way. “It had its ups and downs. But, yeah, I miss it like hell.”

She studied him for a moment before grinning. “I can tell. You’re acting happier.”

Maverick arched a brow at her before pulling a cigarette out of his pocket. “I’m never happy, Vaultie.”

“You were when you talked to those guys,” she mentioned, gesturing to the Initiates.

For once, Maverick had no smart retort for her. Instead, he let out a soft bark of laughter before lighting his cigarette. Blowing out some smoke, he turned to her again. “Why aren’t you interrogating me about it right now?”

She shrugged and typed in more things on the terminal. “I decided I’d rather hear about it on your own terms.”

Maverick wanted to call her out on her bullshit, but a feeling in his gut told him that she really meant what she said and he usually trusted his gut. He stared at her for a moment, wondering what to make of the Vault Dweller. Maybe I was wrong about her, he thought. He thought she would do her normal prying and persistently try to get something out of him like she did in the past.


She whipped her head around and stared up at him in surprise before a broad grin spread on her lips. “Hey, you called me Leyah.”

“Yeah. So?”

“I knew it. You think we’re friends too.”

“Don’t push it, Vaultie.”

Her soft laugh was his only answer and Maverick was surprised to feel a warm feeling beginning to bloom in his chest because of the sound.

“Hey Vaultie, what Metro station gets us to Chevy Chase the fastest? I usually go to one up north but we don’t have time for that.”

Leyah grumbled as she scanned her Pip-boy map. A few of the settlers in Megaton were able to point out some metro entrances on her map, but that didn’t mean they were accurate. “Well, there’s the Farragut West station nearby. Moira told me to avoid that one though.”

Maverick gave her an incredulous look. “Why?”

“She said feral ghouls were down there and I don’t ever want to see one of those.”

He gave her a blank stare for a moment, halting in his tracks before snickers started to escape from his lips. “I hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t matter what part of the Metro you’re in. You’re going to see feral ghouls, Super Mutants, or some shit like that.”

Leyah let out a groan, letting her shoulders sag a little. She had seen pictures people had drawn of feral ghouls, and Gob had explained the process a little when she had asked about it. She also wanted to avoid the Metros for one, particular big reason.

“Are you sure we can’t get into the city without the Metro?”

Maverick gave her a look that said ‘Seriously?’


“Vaultie, you’re not telling me something.”

“I just don’t see the point if there is a better way.”

Maverick halted in his tracks, putting his hands on his hips. Leyah could see him bite the inside of his cheek in irritation. “You went in a Metro alone, didn’t you?”

Leyah shrugged sheepishly. After dealing with the fire ant problem in Grayditch, Leyah never wanted to see a metro tunnel or an ant ever again.

“Do you remember one of the first things I told you?”

Letting out a sigh, Leyah looked up to meet his hard, even gaze. “There is always going to be danger, the difference is whether you learn to face them head on or die in a piss puddle,” she quoted, arching a brow. She crossed her arms before adding, “Eloquent as always.”

“What would you have remembered better; the piss puddle or a long winded speech?”

Leyah opened her mouth to argue, but her voice died in her throat. She hated it when he was right.

Maverick snorted, resting his shot gun on his shoulder. He started to walk toward the Arlington metro entrance. “You gotta admit it, Vaultie. I know my shit.”

Leyah pouted, jogging to catch up with his long strides. “Yeah, teaching all those Initiates and keeping Knights in check helped out a lot didn’t it?”

“You’re fucking hilarious.”

They made it to the entrance and Leyah had to literally gulp down the lump that was forming in her throat to breathe. Fear seemed to be spreading throughout her chest like radiation and started to make her feel heavy.

Maverick gently elbowed her before making his way down the stairs. He paused halfway and looked up at her. “You coming or what? I thought you wanted to find your dad, not stand out here.”

Right, Dad. I need to find Dad. Get a grip!

Leyah took a deep breath, remembering her and Maverick’s run in with the Raiders at RobCo. Just focus on how calm he is. Just focus on him, Leyah.

She quickly went down the steps, zeroing her eyes on Maverick’s broad back. The armor on his shoulders gleamed dully in the sunlight and the ammo belt he wore would occasionally click as they made their way down the steps.

Maverick stopped in his tracks at the grated entrance, turning around and looking down at her. Leyah looked up to meet his eyes, craning her neck. She had stopped right behind him and she could feel her cheeks flush from their close proximity. She could feel the heat radiating of his body and mentally slapped herself. It was just Maverick. Why was she reacting this way?

“Remember to always look the opposite direction I’m looking and try to stay as quiet as possible. Do you have plenty of mines?”

Leyah reached around and pulled the small sack she had out of her bag. “I don’t have many,” she mentioned, suddenly feeling incompetent. She also wondered why she was so afraid of his disapproval now.

“That’s fine, we can work around that.”

He turned again and opened the door. Cocking his shotgun, he grinned at her over his shoulder. “Let’s kick ass, Vaultie.”

It was funny how those words made her feel less scared.

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